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Favorite Swivel Chairs For Any Style and Budget

Years ago, when my sister suggested swivel chairs for my excessively large family room, I shuttered at the thought. I don’t know why, but maybe it had something to do with my vivid memories of our seventies basement furniture growing up. All the chairs had exposed metal bases with a full range of motion. While it was convenient, I just had it in my head that it wasn’t for modern times.

Let me catch you up. My house was formerly a two-bedroom cottage that was rebuilt into a two-story home in 2005. The entire bottom floor was originally the living area so when they decided to divide the space they made the family room 22′ x 30′. Yeah, big right? I’m not sure why but I’m sure they had a good reason. I’m not complaining but growing up we had tiny rooms and I liked the coziness the tight space brought. Still to this day, I miss my parent’s wood-beamed family room that was 10′ x 12′. I digress.

City Farmhouse Before Family Room
City Farmhouse Before Family Room

With a large space like I have, I tried to break up the areas as best I could with the focal point being the fireplace. The television is on the other wall because I didn’t want it to be the focal point. Here comes the but…it’s still a challenge because we have to turn the chairs manually. My dirty secret is out. My house isn’t perfect. Ha, it never was!

City Farmhouse After Family Room
Where the swivel chairs will go.
Article Sven leather chair.
Location of the television.
City Farmhouse Board and Batten Wall
You can see the layout.
Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack
This IKEA hack is on the far wall.

So, I am finally ready to bite the bullet so I thought I would round up my favorite swivel chairs because they have come a long way. They run from $500-$4000. If you are also looking, read the reviews, know the size you want, and know the return policy. Size can be tricky, compare it will chairs you already have, pictures can be deceiving so tape off on the floor to get a visual.

Swivel Chairs For Any Style-Low to High

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