5 Easy Organizing Tips To Start The School Year

5 Easy Organizing Tips to Start the School Year Feature

Hi friends! When summer began I felt as if the 2 months ahead would last forever. Summer is by far my favorite season on Long Island, fall is a close 2nd so with that being said, I get sad to see it end and even more sad to see my boys go off to school. I know some moms jump for joy when school starts but I am not one of them:). Don't get me wrong, I am sure I will relish those peaceful trips to the grocery store once again where I can plan the perfect dinner and delight in those outings to Target where I can grab a cup of coffee & actually here myself think, but on any given day I would take the chaos over the calm to have more time with them. As I write this my eyes are tearing up, you … [Read more...]

Heart Home Conference Speakers Announced

Heart Home Conference Logo Feature

Hi friends, the biggest happy Friday to you all! This is my last Friday before school begins for us in NY so I plan on enjoying it to the fullest and making the most of the beautiful beach day with my boys. Hopefully you are up to something fun too! I have some really exciting news to share!!! Wayfair has just announced the speakers and sessions for their Heart Home conference!!! This list will blow your mind, you can find it HERE. As soon as I glanced as the rooster I knew this event was going to be different than all of the others. I have been to many events and conferences so imagine my surprise to see tons of editors from your favorite magazines like Style Me Pretty, Lonny Magazine, In … [Read more...]

Early Fall Rustic Glam Porch

Rustic Glam Early Fall Porch Feature

 It is official, less than one week until my boys head off to school. I am trying not to freak out about this, but it has been the best summer ever!!! My only plan at this point, is to just enjoy the last few, care free days with them. Good plan, right?! One of my favorite things to do this summer has been to get up early, come out to my front porch, snuggle under a big blanket and drink my coffee while watching the sunrise over the bay. There is just something so peaceful about the mornings & to not be rushed by having a schedule. Don't get me wrong I like schedules, well sort of but...I will miss these care free mornings, they have been so good for my soul:). I keep telling myself … [Read more...]

Easy Pottery Barn Inspired Sign

Easy Pottery Barn Inspired Bath Sign

It's Emily here again from The Wicker House and I'm sharing a little sign I made for our bathroom. I thought hanging a sign on the bathroom door could be a cute idea to help our guests find their way around easily. I was actually inspired to make the sign from this Pottery Barn one, which is no longer available. So if you like the sign too, re-creating it is your best option. I found a piece of wood in our garage. I measured it to fit our door, and then cut it to size. I then painted it in a Valspar color called, Night Sky. I went to my computer to create this stencil template. You are welcome to use it if you … [Read more...]

Basket Crush + 10 Clever Ways To Use Them

Basket Crush & 10 Clever Ways To Use Them

Happy Friday friends! It has been a whirlwind of activity here! Summer is going by so fast and my boys go back in less than 2 weeks, yikes!!! I have not even gone school shopping yet, I am in serious denial. The lazy days of summer have just taken me away and I have been trying to be present for each & every moment with my family. I am sure you are all feeling the same. There is just something so magical about summer, isn't there?! If you follow me, then you know I have a little crush on baskets. Who wouldn't, there are practical & pretty. You can find them in just about any patina these days, old or new, baskets are a storage essential in my book. With 2 boys and lots of toys, … [Read more...]

Cost Plus World Market First NY Store + Grand Opening

Cost Plus Worls Market NY Store Feature

Hi friends! I hope your summer days have been filled with fun and sheer delight! I thought I would pop in and share some exciting news, one of my favorite home décor stores of all times, is opening it's FIRST store in NY!!! Cost Plus World Market will be hosting their Grand Opening at their Chelsea, New York location, at 18th & 6th on Thursday, August 20th and will run through Sunday, August 23! There are so many fun events surrounding this grand opening such as, a FREE CUSTOM CANVAS TOTE BAG for the first 100 customers in the store each day & 10 lucky customers will find a $50 World Market gift card in their tote each day! From 4 pm – 7pm the store will be featuring students and … [Read more...]

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Barstools Revealed

Modern Farmhouse Stool Reveal Feature

Hi friends! I am currently knee deep in backyard projects, so if you were wondering why it has been so quiet around here, that is why. My backyard is getting a rather big makeover {it is/was horrendous} and I have partnered with Lowe's, I am excited to show you more soon! I am also trying to enjoy the last few weeks before my boys head off to school, to be honest, I am not sure how I am going to handle Jack leaving me to go to Kindergarten. Every time I share this with someone, they tell me "you'll be fine" and "he will love it." I know that, but it is a very bittersweet milestone, he has been my buddy for the last 5 years, I will be a mess for the first month, I am sure of it. So in a … [Read more...]

Heart Home Conference

Heart Home Conference

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Oh my gosh, am I enjoying summer way too much!!! We have been to the beach just about everyday and I do not want it to end. Can you believe it's Aug 1st already? What?! I wanted to just pop in quick to chat about Heart Home-The Wayfair Conference up in Boston Oct 1-3. I am an AMBASSADOR for this event and I am incredibly honored to have been asked.  There is SO much buzz surrounding this conference, while I was at Haven a few weeks ago, everyone was asking "are you going to the Wayfair Conference?", really, this is BIG! Most of my blogging friends are attending, are you planning on going? Have you bought your ticket? I have some good news for you, the early bird … [Read more...]

How to Create A Gallery Wall

RFR gallerywall feature

Hello City Farmhouse friends! It's Bre over at Rooms FOR Rent Blog, and today I'm going to show you how I created the gallery wall behind our tv. I know creating gallery walls can be tricky to begin with, and there are a lot of formulas out there to create the perfect one. But sometimes those formulas or pre-made layouts just don't work in your space. I always get questions on how I create my gallery walls, or if I use a template, and the answer is no - I don't. I'm an eye-baller. If I plan it out too much it just won't ever happen, because sometimes you can stare at the wall all you want, and re-arrange your preselected frames on the floor and they just never make it to the wall. I will … [Read more...]

Haven Recap & White Wall Ideas

Haven Conference 2015

 Hi friends! I hope your summer is wonderful and amazing so far! I just got back from Haven {well Sunday am} and it has taken me a few days to process the trip, I mean this in the best way possible:)! Wow, where to begin? This was my first time going & to make it even more intimidating, I was speaking, yikes!!! Before going & stepping onto the plane last week I was more excited than anything else. How could I not be, so many people, so many familiar faces & brands. And I was going to get to meet my girls, blogging friends I had known and supported {& who had supported me} for years. But of course, it did run through my head, what if they aren't what they seem or what if they … [Read more...]

Front Door Driftwood Garland

The Wicker House Driftwood Garland feature

Hi! Emily here from The Wicker House! Are you all enjoying your summer? I sure am.  I have been busy making summertime memories with my little family. One of which was a trip to the beach, probably the highlight of our summer so far. So I have been wanting to make driftwood garland ever since I saw one hanging from a beach house a few summer ago and I now finally had enough driftwood to create one for myself. Like most of my projects, this was incredibly simple to make. I started off with 112 pieces of driftwood. And like I said, I have been collecting them for quite some time now. Each piece is … [Read more...]

Haven Ramblings & Painted Wicker

Painted Wicker BHG

Happy Friday friends! I thought I would pop in & share some exciting going ons.  Next week I head to Atlanta for the Haven Blogging Conference! I am so excited!! This is my first time & super thrilled to get to meet everyone in person.  Oh, did I mention I will be speaking, yeah, a wee bit nervous but I think there is more excitement than anything else right now, hopefully is stays that way. Still have tons to do before then, but I am in good shape, I think, lol! You can check out some of the other speakers HERE. Next week maybe quiet on my blog but you can always  connect with me on INSTAGRAM. I am over at BHG Style Spotters today, sharing ideas and inspiration for giving your … [Read more...]

5 Reasons I Love My Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug

5 Reasons I love My Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug Feature

      Summer is in full swing & I must say it feels good. Our winters are long, so we really enjoy the summer here on Long Island and make the most of living near the beach. We have been there almost everyday & I am feeling like myself again, ahhh... Another reason I am feeling like me again, {besides not having a schedule} is because I get to spend mornings, my favorite time of the day, on my front porch. I get up early, 5-5:30 and sneak outside with my coffee, get under a blanket & watch the world wake up. It is my chance to think about the day ahead, to take time for gratitude and find some peace before the day begins {& I need to be everything to everyone:)}. My front … [Read more...]

My Paint Saint-Everyone Needs One

My Paint Saint

  Hi friends! Happy Friday! We all know starting a small business isn't an easy task, most of us have either been there or know someone who has. Being an entrepreneur myself, I know the feeling well, that is why if & when I see a good business idea I want to help. Today, I am so excited to share with you The Paint Saint.  Mark Lacy-the inventor has come up with a convenient solution to a problem every homeowner faces, paint touch ups. I don't know about you but when I have to go to the basement to bring up a can of paint, pry it open & then stir it, I tend to put it off. Lets face it, we have a gazillion other things in the day to do, so why not make this chore an easy one we can … [Read more...]