Heart Home Conference

Heart Home Conference

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Oh my gosh, am I enjoying summer way too much!!! We have been to the beach just about everyday and I do not want it to end. Can you believe it's Aug 1st already? What?! I wanted to just pop in quick to chat about Heart Home-The Wayfair Conference up in Boston Oct 1-3. I am an AMBASSADOR for this event and I am incredibly honored to have been asked.  There is SO much buzz surrounding this conference, while I was at Haven a few weeks ago, everyone was asking "are you going to the Wayfair Conference?", really, this is BIG! Most of my blogging friends are attending, are you planning on going? Have you bought your ticket? I have some good news for you, the early bird … [Read more...]

How to Create A Gallery Wall

RFR gallerywall feature

Hello City Farmhouse friends! It's Bre over at Rooms FOR Rent Blog, and today I'm going to show you how I created the gallery wall behind our tv. I know creating gallery walls can be tricky to begin with, and there are a lot of formulas out there to create the perfect one. But sometimes those formulas or pre-made layouts just don't work in your space. I always get questions on how I create my gallery walls, or if I use a template, and the answer is no - I don't. I'm an eye-baller. If I plan it out too much it just won't ever happen, because sometimes you can stare at the wall all you want, and re-arrange your preselected frames on the floor and they just never make it to the wall. I will … [Read more...]

Haven Recap & White Wall Ideas

Haven Conference 2015

 Hi friends! I hope your summer is wonderful and amazing so far! I just got back from Haven {well Sunday am} and it has taken me a few days to process the trip, I mean this in the best way possible:)! Wow, where to begin? This was my first time going & to make it even more intimidating, I was speaking, yikes!!! Before going & stepping onto the plane last week I was more excited than anything else. How could I not be, so many people, so many familiar faces & brands. And I was going to get to meet my girls, blogging friends I had known and supported {& who had supported me} for years. But of course, it did run through my head, what if they aren't what they seem or what if they … [Read more...]

Front Door Driftwood Garland

The Wicker House Driftwood Garland feature

Hi! Emily here from The Wicker House! Are you all enjoying your summer? I sure am.  I have been busy making summertime memories with my little family. One of which was a trip to the beach, probably the highlight of our summer so far. So I have been wanting to make driftwood garland ever since I saw one hanging from a beach house a few summer ago and I now finally had enough driftwood to create one for myself. Like most of my projects, this was incredibly simple to make. I started off with 112 pieces of driftwood. And like I said, I have been collecting them for quite some time now. Each piece is … [Read more...]

Haven Ramblings & Painted Wicker

Painted Wicker BHG

Happy Friday friends! I thought I would pop in & share some exciting going ons.  Next week I head to Atlanta for the Haven Blogging Conference! I am so excited!! This is my first time & super thrilled to get to meet everyone in person.  Oh, did I mention I will be speaking, yeah, a wee bit nervous but I think there is more excitement than anything else right now, hopefully is stays that way. Still have tons to do before then, but I am in good shape, I think, lol! You can check out some of the other speakers HERE. Next week maybe quiet on my blog but you can always  connect with me on INSTAGRAM. I am over at BHG Style Spotters today, sharing ideas and inspiration for giving your … [Read more...]

5 Reasons I Love My Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug

5 Reasons I love My Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug Feature

      Summer is in full swing & I must say it feels good. Our winters are long, so we really enjoy the summer here on Long Island and make the most of living near the beach. We have been there almost everyday & I am feeling like myself again, ahhh... Another reason I am feeling like me again, {besides not having a schedule} is because I get to spend mornings, my favorite time of the day, on my front porch. I get up early, 5-5:30 and sneak outside with my coffee, get under a blanket & watch the world wake up. It is my chance to think about the day ahead, to take time for gratitude and find some peace before the day begins {& I need to be everything to everyone:)}. My front … [Read more...]

My Paint Saint-Everyone Needs One

My Paint Saint

  Hi friends! Happy Friday! We all know starting a small business isn't an easy task, most of us have either been there or know someone who has. Being an entrepreneur myself, I know the feeling well, that is why if & when I see a good business idea I want to help. Today, I am so excited to share with you The Paint Saint.  Mark Lacy-the inventor has come up with a convenient solution to a problem every homeowner faces, paint touch ups. I don't know about you but when I have to go to the basement to bring up a can of paint, pry it open & then stir it, I tend to put it off. Lets face it, we have a gazillion other things in the day to do, so why not make this chore an easy one we can … [Read more...]

Heart Home-A Wayfair Conference

Heart Home Conference Logo Feature

Hi friends! I have something super exciting to share!!! Wayfair has decided to host their own blogging conference this year!! It is called Heart Home  & it will take place in the amazing & historic city of Boston, from October 1-3.  Everyone who shares a love of all things home—from bloggers to designers and other lifestyle entrepreneurs—is invited to attend Heart Home.  Maxwell Ryan, the founder of Apartment Therapy and Christiane Lemieux of Wayfair and DwellStudio will be speakers, as well as a remarkable group of talented influencers to lead sessions and start conversations . They are also partnering with a hand-selected group of  lifestyle brands to offer attendees and sponsors … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Light Poles

DIY Outdoor Light Poles Feature

 Hi friends! We are winding down the school year here with only a few days left. It is hard to believe the year is over and summer is finally here!!! So with that, I thought I would share an easy project from the Lowe's Spring Makeover that will be sure to set the mood in your outdoor space this season and give you plenty of outdoor lighting. This project all began with the idea of giving Amanda & Keith {the homeowners} outdoor lighting, that wasn't permanent or didn't block the view of their beautiful yard. The lift from the back edge of the patio was high, my wheels began to turn, thinking  about what I could add to the patio itself that would be sturdy enough to hold up against wind, … [Read more...]

Being Content- Some Personal Ramblings

Michele Kats Photography-Eastern LI

Hi friends old & new! I have more than a few things on my "to do" list right {like catching up on that big pile of laundry} but I wanted to take a few minutes to just chat, you & me. My blog has kept me busy over the last few months with some amazing opportunities, ones I NEVER thought possible, so for that I am incredibly grateful! I have to be honest though, when I get this busy, I seem to struggle to find & hold onto balance. Maybe you all feel that way too. All I can do when this happens, is take a step back and make some quiet time for me, to reflect and become centered once again. I was in my kitchen the other night, making dinner for my boys and for a moment I leaned up … [Read more...]

Lowe’s Spring Makeover Reveal Tour

Lowe's Spring Makeover Reveal Tour Feature

   Hi friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! On Friday I shared the highly anticipated, BIG reveal from the Lowe's Spring Makeover , thank you all so much for your sweet responses & support! It was beyond fun working on this makeover with the deserving homeowners and THIS amazing girl, I honestly will never forget this experience! Along with myself, 10 other bloggers took part in this project. We each were given a makeover, from one of the 10 hardest hit cities with winter weather. These girls hit these makeovers out of the park, from exterior facelifts to a bathroom overhaul, there are TONS of ideas here, so grab your cup of coffee {or tea} and get ready to be … [Read more...]

Lowe’s Spring Makeover-Outdoor Oasis

Lowe's Spring Makeover Reveal-Backyard Oasis Feature

Hi friends! I am so excited to finally be sharing the Lowe's Spring Makeover BIG Reveal with you today!! I went 2 weekends ago, to a suburb outside of Hartford, CT and what a blast it was! Just to recap about 6 weeks ago Lowe's asked for anyone living in one of the 10 hardest hit cities with winter weather to submit their home for a spring makeover. You can read more HERE. After reading through the many deserving homeowners and their stories in Hartford {I wish I could have picked each & everyone of them} I selected Amanda & Keith. There was something that resonated with me as I read their story. Hearing about their harsh winter in their first home and Amanda's back story of the … [Read more...]

Flea Market Chic-Botanicals

Botanicals  BHG Feature

Botanicals are hot right now, from bold to rustic, there is something for every style and taste. Want to bring a little of this trend into your home this summer? Weather you are looking for a tiny commitment or a big one, I have just the thing! I am sharing 5 fun ideas over Style Spotters that will get you loving green this season. Click HERE to read more. {via} Have a beautiful day! … [Read more...]

Summer Tour-Dining Room Reveal

Summer Tour & Dining Room Reveal-Navy Walls, Ikat Curtains & Wingback Chairs Feature

 Hi friends! If you are new to my blog, welcome! My family & I live and play on the coast of eastern Long Island. We bought a renovated cottage overlooking the bay 4+ years ago and have been making it home ever since. I thought this would be a perfect time to share all of the updates I have been working on for the past few months in my dining room. While I loved the space before, I was ready for a change. If you are coming from The DIY Showoff's summer tour, thank you for stopping by for a visit, wasn't her backyard beautiful?! I am so thrilled Marty asked me to be a part of this amazing group of tours. There will be 30 in all this week, so if you are looking for some summer inspiration … [Read more...]