20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020

Lets face it, home design trends can be tricky. They can also be costly if you try to keep up with them year after year. With that being said knowing them can also be helpful. Say you are making a large furniture purchase, adding new flooring, renovating a kitchen or bath, it’s nice to know whats ahead and most certainly what’s behind us. I have done these posts before and I like to call them “livable trends.” For me personally, any trend that I can’t envision in my home most likely means you can’t either. There is a lot trending in home design for 2020, these are my favorite ones.

1. Cane- I am totally obsessed with this trend! I am working on a DIY for one of my cabinets because some of the furniture out there is a bit pricey. Be sure to also check your local thrift stores to score a good deal on cane pieces too.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Studio McGee Cane

Studio McGee

2. Wallpaper– Yup, it’s still thing. I have lingering nightmares about stripping wallpaper from my first house so unless it’s removable I will be sitting this one out.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-The Lily Pad Cottage-Wallpaper

The Lily Pad Cottage

3. Shades of Blue-Yes, blue is still having a moment. All shades of blue are on trend this year, from soft powder blue to cobalt blue and every shade in between.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Classic Blue Patone

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Southern Living-Soft Blue Walls

Southern Living

4. Denim + Chambray– I remember when denim upholstery was a thing in my early 20’s. It’s a great material, especially for kids and pets so I am glad it’s making a comeback.20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-House and Home-Denim

House and Home

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Apartment Therapy-Denim Blue Sofa

Apartment Therapy

5. Purple Hues-I have loved purple and blue together for quite some time. I wouldn’t necessarily paint my walls in this hue but I love highlighting this color with pillows, art and accessories.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-BHG-Purple

BHG Makeover

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-City Farmhouse-Purple

City Farmhouse

6. Warm Neutrals-For so long it was gray neutrals and they tend to be cool, so this trend makes me happy. Adding color that is warm always makes a space feel more cozy and inviting.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Hale Mercantile Co.-Warm Neutrals

Hale Mercantile Co.

7. Scandinavian Interiors– I never tire of Scandinavian design. Of course I like to put my own spin on it, but it’s a classic and will always be a timeless trend.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Carla Natalie-Scandinavian Interiors

Carla Natalia

8. Velvet-Another classic, this one has been on trend for the last few years and it’s safe to say it isn’t going away anytime soon.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Article Sven-Velvet


9. Greenery-YES!!! The greener the better. Nothing says a room is complete like plants. You will see indoor gardens everywhere this year.20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Jessica Brigham-Greenery

Jessica Brigham

10. Blush-Still here, it’s a great go to color to add to any existing color palette and room.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-City Farmhouse-Blush

City Farmhouse

11. Statement Islands– If you are redoing a kitchen this year, this is a big one. Along with luxurious ranges and mixed metals.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Statement Islands-Studio Mcgee

Studio McGee

12. Colored Marble-This is any marble other than shades of white and gray.

Remodelista-Colored Marble-20 Design Trends for 2020


13. Organic Materials-Organic and natural fibers always give a layered and textured look that feels warm and comfortable.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-City Farmhouse-Organic Textures-Rattan Pendant Serena and Lily

City Farmhouse and Co.

14. Light Woods-I have always fancied light wood tones but this year we are seeing more flooring and architectural details with this lighter, warmer hue.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Serena and Lily- Light Woods

Serena and Lily

15. Geometric Shapes-This trend is still going strong. What I like about geometric shapes is you can mix them with other patterns easily. Dare I say it’s a neutral pattern, but at the right scale and color palette it can be. It can also be the perfect accent of pattern you need to accentuate a space.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Emily Henderson-Geometric Shapes

Emily Henderson

16. Dark Green-We are seeing a lean towards richer tones this year. How you choose to use them it completely up to you. Green is one of those hues that has longevity because of it’s ability to get along with others. You can accent it with a piece of furniture, art, your walls or even your cabinetry. This color isn’t going away any time soon so enjoy it, it’s extremely versatile!

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-City Farmhouse-Green Cabinetry

17. Earthy Palettes– If you all remember my “earthy coastal” color palette I started using a few years back. You can see how earthy tones work well with the ever popular indigo. This color palette is just plain easy to live with. You can find the pillows at my shop City Farmhouse and Co.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Alamafied-Earthy Palette


18. Over-sized Organic Pottery-Anything that feels handcrafted is a big yes again for this year. Another yes for this year is the olive tree. In THIS trend report from a few years ago I sited it as an upcoming trend and guess what? It still is!

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Oversized Pottery & Olive Tress-Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo

19. Murals-Still going strong.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Burke Decor-Murals

Burke Decor

20. Moroccan Rugs-Unlike chevron this trend is still alive and well. These patterns give texture and character to a space without taking away from the overall design aesthetic. Plus these rugs feel right at home with most any style.

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020-Lulu & Georgia-Moroccan Rugs

Lulu & Georgia

20 Livable Home Design Trends of 2020

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