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My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article

I can’t believe it has been 2 years (or 24 months) since we got our Sven leather chair from Article! Man, how times flies when you really love something, haha! In that 24 months it has comforted sick children, a new puppy (and a few accidents), survived many movie nights, gum mishaps, juice casualties, 2 person snuggles, holiday parties and fireside picnics. Not to mention a few incidences with red wine, ugh! But through it all it has remained untarnished and still as perfect as ever. After all this time it remains, the most sought after seat in my house.

The Article Sven collection is really perfect for any room and style. My personal style is a blend of rustic and modern with a little traditional thrown in for fun and it fits seamlessly. The lines are clean and the cushions are very, very comfortable. We have the Sven leather chair in Charme Tan and honestly it looks exactly the same as it did when we got it. I have really liked the family friendly nature of the leather and how forgiving it has been with mishaps.

Below are a few pictures from our dining room to den reveal, when we first got our Sven chair.

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

That is when we painted the walls white. Which do you like best?

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

This is my Sven 2+ years later! Still a beauty!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

The maintenance & care of this piece has been minimal. I vacuum under the cushion, fluff them and dab when there are stains.

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

In 3 years Article has helped more than 100,000 people find their perfect sofa and saved them time and money in the process. Article’s tightly curated furniture line, honest reviews by customers (4.8/5 on Sven) and the images shared on Instagram and Pinterest, make the online buying process easy. Another perk, it frees up weekends because your not traipsing from store to store. It’s really a win, win!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Another thing I love is the flat shipping fee of $49 (for most orders) and optional white glove service.

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

They also offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, which means if you aren’t satisfied they will take it back.

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Apparently the Sven sofa is Internet’s Favorite Sofa and specifically the Sven in Charme Tan leather. You can see it in Karen’s house, she was the deserving homeowner I did the makeover for with BHG and Rebuilding Together.

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

Sven Review, still perfect after 2 years. My Biggest Giveaway Yet-Sven Sofa From Article!

On to the GIVEAWAY!!!! Article is gifting the winner a $2,000 gift card towards your Sven purchase!!!!

This is how you can enter, which will also be detailed once you click on Rafflecopter.

  • MUST follow @article on Instagram
  • MUST follow @cityfarmhouse1 on Instagram
  • MUST subscribe to the Article mailing list
  • Bonus: Leave a comment with your favorite Sven you’d like to win
  • Contest runs from October 23-30
Contest is open to all residents in the U.S. and Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a happy day! And GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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  1. The chair’s color and lines are beautiful as is the room. I contemplated painting my lining room navy with white or cream and white. After seeing yours I’m going with the later. K

  2. Beautiful chair in a beautiful room! I love it – and hearing a first hand account of how it holds up is priceless. Thank you!!!!!

  3. I have wanted the tansven charme couch for 3 years!! We bought a new home 2 years ago and are yet to furnish it. This would help us so much!!

  4. I could stare at your rooms all day! Sven Charme Tan Leather shows up in my dreams (apparently like the rest of the internet)! 😉 Thank you! 😊

  5. I really love the look of the Sven charme Sofa. I’ve been mulling over purchasing it for months! I think the tan colour really goes well with my hardwood floors. I have a sample of the leather which I ordered for free and you can tell that it’s quality leather. I’m looking forward to seeing it in my home someday soon.

  6. I really like the Sven leather chair in charme tan. I also like the fact that it’s easy to keep clean and holds its shape over time. Thanks

  7. Hi City Farmhouse!

    If I were to win this giveaway, I would definitely buy the sven gray chair! It’s exactly what I’m looking for in my living room.

    I would also grab one for my sister. You can’t beat that price!

    I’ve been following you and the company for awhile now. Definitely gives me all the inspiration for my Long Island home!

    Bianca Smith

  8. I’m loving the Sven chair in gray! It’ll look beautiful in my living room.

    Such a good price; I would grab one for my sister too!


  9. Gah – I’ve been wanting a sofa from article for a while now. I would love to have one! Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I love the Sven in tan leather, but since i have currently destroyed my current leather couch with leaky baby bottles and a husband with a tenancy to spill, I’d go for the Aqua Tweed right now!

  11. I have loved the Sven for a long time too! I’d probably go for a lighter gray fabric. So great for mixing up patterned pillows!

  12. hi always wanted a soft leather sofa and a beat up leather wingback chair!!! thanks for letting us try to win the beautiful sofa….love your blog … get everyday…thank you

  13. I would give this to my daughter who is building a new house. I keep the children and would love to sit in it daily. Your room is beautiful.

  14. Love the Sven Oxford Blue 72″ Sofa. The perfect size for our new city townhouse.
    I’m new to cityfarmhouse, thanks Jen for the beautiful ideas!

  15. The Sven Sofa in your blog is a sofa I dream about owning. It would be a true fantasy come true to own such a magnificent piece of furniture in my living room. I love your blog and your wonderful ideas. Thank you so much!

  16. The velvet sofas are so pretty! I would love one, but might not be the most practical with 4 dogs in the house. I would probably get the Sven Birch Sofa instead. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I love the gray Soma left sofa bed! Now that my kids are older I would like to go back to a cloth sofa. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  18. I had just told my hubs yesterday that the charmed leather Sven is my pick to replace our sofa that just bit the dust.

  19. Hello – I love the Sven Oxford in Tan Leather. And I like the room painted white 🙂

  20. I love their sofas. I like the leather ones and their velvet ones. It’s too hard to pick a favorite.

  21. I would love blue or gray leather sofa . It would look great in my post-Harvey living room.

  22. Ooh, the warm tan is such a nice color! I definitely love that one. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  23. Your Sven is just lovely! Like most of the internet, I cannot get enough of the charme tan leather Sven. It’s an instant classic!

  24. My midcentury aesthetic is all heart-eyes for the Sven Sofa in Charme Tan. I’m evolving our ranch style home from the farmhouse design it was for the past owners and transforming the space into something airier and full of light marked by clean lines and minimalist styling (which means I’m still pulling old wallpaper off random walls 2 years after purchasing! eek!).

    This Sven Sofa would be a gorgeous addition to our living room. I just purchased this black-and-white Gus*Modern Hatch rug in black and white (https://www.yliving.com/hatch-rug-by-gus-modern-GMDP156929.html) and I can totally see the tan leather looking sleek and clean against the starker palette. And I love how it will curve and slouch as it gets loved over the years! Definitely see this as an investment piece.

    Entered! Thank you for the chance and amazing dining room to den reveal! #alltheinspo

    – Jessie May @jessiemayf

  25. I love the oxford blue chair. It looks like it would hold me and my two grandbabies perfectly!

  26. I love Article for its mid-century modern lines and for all the reasons you mentioned. You really want to be able to LIVE with your furniture without being nervous about spills! Love your room Jen!

  27. I love the Tavola vintage table and the poofs and many other items 😀. Thanks for the giveaway! Oh, I typo’d when I entered my email for the giveaway- it’s @icloud.com.

  28. We are thinking of a new sectional for our family room for movie nights. Any of them would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I like so many of the Article sofas and chairs and have been on Article’s website many times. Seems like they are always expanding. We really need to replace our sofa and every time I go back to Article I am drawn to the Sven sofas. They are my favorites. I like the clean lines and single seat cushion. I like the sectionals but would really love just the regular sofa in Pacific Blue so it’s on my wish list! I’m very particular about getting quality furniture that’s affordable but admit I’ve been nervous to purchase a sofa or chair without sitting on it first. The Sven has so many great reviews that I would definitely do it. When I was searching for a dining room table I checked Article and fell in love with the Madeira Oak extended table; however, it was out of stock and was not going to be available for quite a while. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to wait but I still regret that I couldn’t get it! You are so fortunate to have some of their pieces and your home is very inspiring.

  30. Thank you for a fun giveaway, I would love to have the Sven couch, not sure of my color choice but I would be beyond excited to win anything.

  31. Hi! I would LOVE the Sven in Charme Tan leather. I have been saving for it since I first saw it on your website 2 years ago!! THANK YOU!

  32. Oh Article and Sven how you have my heart. The Sven Shadow is one of my favs, in gray or green. But then I want the Sven Charme in tan- there’s a reason it’s so popular!!!

  33. I love the Sven sectional in shadow gray. It would work perfectly in my space and looks so comfortable.

  34. I have an old Ikea couch, that has seen better days. I have a leather Sven coach save s in my Modsy design as a dream!! I need leather for my puppies. This couch makes me drool :)!!!

  35. I posted a comment last night but my computer was acting up and it didn’t post,so here I go again.This is the best giveaway that I have ever come across and I have been dreaming and drooling over the Sven Charms sofa,sectional and chair for years. I am building a 16 x 24 foot tiny house,and have always known that Sven would take center stage in my living room.With all of my design decisions,from Windows,to flooring,to paint to wood feature walls to kitchens and appliances,Sven is one decision I have never waivered on!

  36. Have to say – I love both room colors…so I am no help. 🙂

    It is wonderful to hear how well your Sven has held up! I currently have my eye on the Sven Aqua Tweed Sofa.

  37. I have admired your sven tan chair since I started following you. I finally finished painting my living room after a buttery yellow for 15 years. Time for an upgrade huh? I do visit the Article site frequently, drooling over their merchandise and diligently saving for the day when I too can purchase the sven tan chair. My fingers are crossed….and my toes…..and my eyes. LOL

  38. The sofa is fantabulous. I think the black wall looks cosy and complements the sofa perfectly. And the room looks Scandinavian with sofa & white walls. I think I like both. If cosy, black is perfect. If airy & spaciousness, go with white.

  39. Please! I have needed the Sven Sofa in Grass Green since May 20, 2016 when I painted my living room navy. Pick me, pick me!

  40. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sven Grass Green Chair! Two of those in my living room would be Wonderful with all that super soft velvet! I would love to be picked! Thank you for offering a great giveaway!!

  41. I do love the Sven but i’ll have to check out the other sofas too when I win. Fingers crossed.

  42. Stunning! The Charme Chocolate and Walnut would be a perfect addition to my empty new home. As would be the beautiful chair matching chair!

  43. I love the Tavola Vintage Brown dining table for 8.. Good luck everyone, thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  44. I ordered the sven charme armchair and I am expecting it any day now…so excited!! I would love a sven sectional to go with it! The lines and colors are simple and beautiful!

  45. It’s refreshing to hear how well the chair is holding up after a couple years!
    I’m in LOVE with the Sven is Cascadia Blue or the leather version in Oxford Blue. My goodness! Have heard great things about Article and love how they’re a BC based company!

  46. Oh my gosh the Birch Ivory sofa would go so nice in my new little beach place!! The perfect couch for my, finally, perfect dream space !!

  47. I love the Ceni Volcanic grey sofa or the Soma Midnight blue sofa bed. So many great choices and all look to be great quality and decently priced too.

  48. I’ve been eyeing the Sven in Charme Tan for a long time. A good balance of style, price and convenience.

  49. What a great giveaway! I’m in love with the Sven in every color, but the Charme Tan is my absolute fave. Also, what a difference the paint color makes in your room! It’s so bright & airy.

  50. I love the Sven leather chair in charme tan, this would be great for me redoing my room soon. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Well wouldn’t this be a fun one to win! I would order TWO Sven chairs just like yours for my family room!

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