15 Livable Home Trends For 2017

If you are familiar with my blog then you know I move slowly with trends. Trends are meant to give you an idea of what to look for, a forecast of what you will find online, in your favorite stores and magazines in the next year or so. I have been blogging for almost 5 years and in that time I have seen such highs and lows with trends. And if I am being honest, there were many times I thought, “thank goodness I stayed away from that one!” But more times than not I did jump on board, case in point, chevron! It can be hard to navigate through trends, my advice…go slow, think it through, trust your gut, do not impulse buy and make small commitments unless you absolutely love it and know it speaks to your style.

I have some good news, this year most of the home trends are easy to love and livable. Here are 15 that I found that could fit seamlessly with my style and many of yours.

1.Deep blues are (still) in, phew! Blues are classic, I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon.

Home Trend Forecast for 2017-Studio McGee


Emily Henderson-Deep Blues Trend Forcast 2017via

2. Nooks and little hideaways in your home. This year the idea of the open floor plan will be tested, people want an escape from the all-purpose, common areas.

Trend Forecast for 2017-Cozy Nook-One Kings Lane


3. Acrylic décor is hot this year. I have secretly loved acrylic for a while, it is reflective, gives fluidity, especially in a small space and adds an unexpected texture.

Rue Magazine-Acrylic Table (Trend Forecast for 2017)


Trend Forecast for 2017-WEst Elm-Acrylic


4. Texture, texture, texture! This is also a timeless trend but this year you are seeing it through earthy and organic materials. We will be seeing a rawness especially when it comes to whites and creams, the more imperfect it is, the more beautiful it becomes.

Earthy Neutrals-Trend Forcast My Domaine


5. Hygee, pronounced heu-gah, is a Danish philosophy for enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It is focused on warmth, layers, coziness and togetherness.

Estemar-Trend Forecast for 2017-Hygge


6. Cork is back! Walls, floors, lighting, accessories you name it, it will be all over this year. This highly sustainable material has a natural sensibility that is very versatile when it comes to design. Be on the look out.Trend Forecast for 2017-Cork-Wicandersvia

7. Murals! I love this idea, it is a cool way to may a big impression, especially within a relaxed & creative style.

HGTV Dream Home 2016-Trend Forecast for 2017


8. Cerused wood has mad a comeback. It was a trend we saw introduced last year and is also in for 2017. It is a treatment on wood such as oak where you highlight the grain, it is basically a lime wash.

 Cerused Wood Bathroom Vanity-Trend Forcast 2017


9. Green with envy! Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year so we will be seeing shades of green everywhere this year.

Room for Tuesday-Green Walls Emerald Sherwin-Williams


10. Black & white photography front and center. Think big and bold or soft and subtle, artistic expression will be key.

Trend Forecast for 2017-Studio McGee Black & White Photographyvia

11. Terra cotta is also back. The earthy quality and hues along with the casual feel make this a trend that I predict will be here for a while.

Terra Cotta Floors-My Domaine-Trend Forecast for 2017


12. Upholstered headboards are actually a trend, huh. I guess I got on this one a little early, yay me;)! Oh and nail head trim too!

Trend Forecast for 2017-Upholstered Headboards + Nailheads


13. Farmhouse style is still in and will be big for this year but in a more minimalistic way. Think less is more with modern elements and lots of texture.

Minimalistic Farmhouse-Trend Forecast for 2017via

14. Speaking of farmhouse, subway tile is here to stay for a while. Again, this is a classic, we may see different interpretations this year but honestly I am still a sucker for white.

Trend Forecast for 2017-Subway Tile


15. Lets talk plants. I have read a few articles that said the fiddle leaf is out and the olive tree is in, say it isn’t so! This is what I will say, a home layered in any plant life is beautiful. I have an olive tree and to be honest it isn’t doing well, they need heat and lots of sun. My advice, buy what you love.

Olive trees-Trend Forecast for 2017via

 What do you think? Is there a trend you are loving this year?

Have a happy day friends!

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  1. I am on the hunt for a new dining room table. What would you say the trend for wood furniture stain color is? It seems the R.H. gray finish has been around for some time.

    1. Hi Valerie, I happen to like the weathered oak look, it is light and goes with so many styles. I do like the gray as well. If you click through the first image with the round dining table and floral wallpaper you can see how they mix the lighter oak with the weathered gray, its really pretty. Good luck! Jen

      1. Thank you Jen for the response! I love your style and respect your opinion. I think weathered oak will be a great choice.

  2. How does one choose? Seems like I was attracted to little things in each one but know am still mostly cottage with some farmhouse, am more of casual person, just not comfy with traditional or formal..
    Thanks for giving us heads up about trends. Have tried some trends learned from blogs but don’t last long for me.
    For while after discovering blogs was little confused but time will tell and it sure did, kept going back to cottage. Think our home is more conducive to cottage, slight bit of farmhouse. We have a single wide 16×80 mfg. home. Our home in KY was cottagey and some farmhouse before farmhouse was so popular. Think little bit of retro is in there somewhere. Still miss that house, could do so much with it.
    No matter how many homes I see still admire very much your wonderful, welcoming style Jen. Has been an interesting educational journey in many ways to this point in my life.
    Always open to new ideas tho, like to try what I feel will work for me, if only for little while.
    Enjoy rest of week.

  3. This is really beautiful and amazing. Glad to read your Home Trends. You just used the lovely home pattern for the home decor. I just loved your creative idea.

  4. Really enjoy your blog! I don’t live in a farmhouse by any means, but I love the farmhouse/cottage style and my wife and I have adopted it in our urban townhouse here in Charlotte.

    I find a lot of good ideas on your blog.


  5. I love deep blues and the trends here. Blue tones can sometimes have a cold, sterile look about them but your photos here have made them look awesome. Good job!

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