Travel Diary: New England’s Beautiful Newport, RI

Hi there friends! Last week was our mid-winter break and we headed up to Newport, RI for a little R & R. The weather was amazing, it felt like Spring was right around the corner. The sunshine and warm temps definitely brought a happy vibe. It’s a favorite spot for us, summer is fantastic but winter is peaceful and quiet, just my speed. It was the perfect spot to unwind and play for a few days.

I am completely fascinated by other parts of the country and truth be told I secretly want to move to about 12 places now, lol. It would take a lot for us to move but it’s fun to think about. In case you are the same way and like to see other parts of this beautiful country of ours I thought I would share some of our travel diary. We took a tour of Breakers, the Vanderbilt Mansion which is located on the cliffs of Newport’s coast, we enjoyed time at the beach and explored the incredible, historic town everyday.

First, I need to show you this. It is the lounge in the hotel we stayed at. The entire place was so beautifully decorated, it infused coastal touches with a modern sensibility. Look at the ceiling, lights, room divider and those rattan chairs, it’s all so good!

Every morning Shane & I woke up early to explore the town. We have been here so many times and yet each time I discover more and more to love. The town is so rich with history and seaside stories, as I walked past some of these homes, which are so magnificently preserved, I couldn’t help but wonder who lived there and what life was like for them in the 1700’s.

The cobble stone streets are a reminder of what life was like during the horse and carriage days.                

This town is the quintessential New England town with the most stunning architecture. I can just imagine the hustle and bustle of this port back in the day, can’t you?

If you drive through town into the hills you will find a country like atmosphere with farms, ranches & vast open fields.

Then you are led back into town with a strong call of the yachting culture.

And of course we had to have some fun at the beach, some had more than others, lol. John couldn’t resist the call of the surf.

The sand was different from ours, it almost felt like kinetic sand, it was very cool, perfect for building.

We also took a tour of Breakers.

I took tons of pictures but the bathrooms and the kitchen (& patio) were my favorites. The house was built between 1895-1899 and at the time indoor plumbing and electricity was just being explored but this house had both. This house was incredible, look at the floors, the marble walls and vanities.

The kitchen was very, very large and beautiful! Not in the style of the rest of the house but more simple and understated.

The copper cookware blew me away! And look at those stoves!

This isn’t a great picture but this is where they cut the fresh flowers that came to the house everyday.

This is the backyard that overlooks the water.

Can you just imagine the grand parties they had out here? And the who’s who of society that came?

If you would like to know more you can visit Newport Mansions.

Have a happy day!

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  1. This weather has been amazing this winter – what winter? I love Newport, Rhode Island. It’s been too many years since I have been there but now I really want to go back!

  2. Oh Jen, thank you so much for taking me on such a beautiful get away with your fam…loved it!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time in our little state! There are many hidden treasures around RI. Hope you visit again soon,

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