Six Year Anniversary

Six years ago today on the ONLY sunny day in June I married my best friend John.

Through the last six years I can honestly say, I wouldn’t change a thing.

We have lived in Colorado, owned a new home, got pregnant, moved cross country to VA, had a flood in our NEW home while it was for sale, had to move back to Colorado 4 weeks before my son came and drove back(crazy), got preclampsia, had a c-section 2 weeks early, had a beautiful baby boy, loved our son, sold our house in Colorado, moved back to NY, lived without John for 4 months until he got a job, lost someone I loved immensely, John finally got a new job in NY.

Huh, life started a new chapter….

We became a family again, John started commuting to NYC, working long hours, enjoyed summers, endured long winters, loved every minute with eachother & our family,dreamed of owning our own home again, saved, saved and saved more money.

Which brings me to today.

I am a very happy and grateful person who has been married for 6 years to a GOOD and handsome man.

Life has been a journey, but all in all a good one. We have had an amazing time.
The tough times have made us stronger and we are more appreciative of the gifts we have
after six crazy years we are still very much in love.

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  1. Oh happy Anniversary Jen! I loved reading about your 6 years of marriage,life! A beautiful post!! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous. have a great day,

  2. You need to show pics of yourself more often…I have forgotten how beautiful you are! Love the wedding pics. Happy Anniversary!

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