Honoring The Lives Lost In Newton, CT

This morning
 as I made my coffee 
 I heard
tiny footsteps coming down the stairs.
My son, who is 7 said
 “did Elway(our elf) move, mom?”
and then he said
“8 more days!”
On Friday and throughout the weekend
 I kept thinking,
 “this could have been my child.”
I am heartbroken.
And at a loss for words.
The parents of these innocent and beautiful children 
didn’t get to hear those footsteps coming down the stairs or the hallway today,
excited for school and the holiday ahead.
I thought about them all morning, as I am sure most of you did too.
It is hard to imagine the depth of sorrow and grief these
parents(& their families) are going through today
and will continue to go through in the days ahead.
And their teachers….
To have put themselves in harms way to save the children.
 I keep asking myself,
how could this have happened?
How could these children and these teachers not be safe in their school?
We ALL need to ask ourselves what 
NEEDS to change,
so something like this NEVER happens again.
That is what we can do to honor these children and teachers who
lost their lives so tragically in Sandy Hook Elementary School,
on Friday, in Newtown, CT.
I had planned to share more of my
Recycled Christmas Projects
in light of these events,
I wanted today’s post to be about honoring them and their memory.
I will continue to pray for these families and this town
as they are forever embedded in my heart and soul.


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  1. I have such a heavy heart with grief for these families and what they are going through. I cried in the van today thinking of an image of my two boys on their first day of Kindergarten and first grade. That was 12 years ago but it was like yesterday. So sad…

  2. This tragedy really hit home for me too and who could not shed tears thinking about these poor families that have to suffer, especially at Christmas time. I am so thankful my children are here with me and pray for protection every day. I know God is just and somehow this man will be dealt with accordingly in the afterlife. He cannot escape God’s punishment by taking his life. Praise The Lord Christ has overcome death and he loves his children and judges the unrighteousness even in the afterlife. I know I would want God to make things right.

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