Back to School Update + Sideboard Styling Ideas

  First Day of School-City Farmhouse

Hi friends! Can it be Friday already? This is my boys 4th day back to school and my only hope for them is that it is a great year, full of new friendships, exciting experiences and success. Tuesday was a tough mommy day for me, although they were both so excited, the house was empty once again. And the the reality set in that the days of being home with them were over.  I read this great article that same morning before they both woke up, from the Huffington Post, just saying it was ok to relish in this new chapter of my life and that I, along with many moms out there have worked so hard to raise these amazing kids, that it’s now time for me basically. I know I should be more excited but I feel like I am grieving, like a little piece of my heart has left with them.

First Day of School-City Farmhouse

The good thing is that I have been SO busy this week with projects that I have those intense, sad moments but then I realize I need to get back to work, so it has been a very good distraction. I am working on a few things with Lowe’s right now, that I can’t wait to share more with all of you soon.


First Day of School-City Farmhouse

On another note, I am over at Better Homes & Gardens sharing some AMAZING sideboard styling ideas. The days of using your sideboard just in your dining room are over and boy do I have some creative design options. Plus, I know we are heading into prime time, holiday season and that means time to decorate, right!?! Sideboards & buffets are the perfect place to stage a seasonal vignette, come check out some fantastic fall ideas….

Flea Market Chic-Sideboard Styling Ideas

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings about your boys going off to school. In a single mom and my son is heading off to kindergarten in a few days. It’s been just him and I for 5 years and it’s really weighing heavy on me. making it harder is that he’s not looking forward to it at all! I’m going to try and find the HuffingtonPost article! Thanks for giving me a someone to relate to.

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