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5 Easy Organizing Tips To Start The School Year

5 Easy Organizing Tips to Start the School Year

Hi friends! When summer began I felt as if the 2 months ahead would last forever. Summer is by far my favorite season on Long Island, fall is a close 2nd so with that being said, I get sad to see it end and even more sad to see my boys go off to school. I know some moms jump for joy when school starts but I am not one of them:). Don’t get me wrong, I am sure I will relish those peaceful trips to the grocery store once again where I can plan the perfect dinner and delight in those outings to Target where I can grab a cup of coffee & actually here myself think, but on any given day I would take the chaos over the calm to have more time with them. As I write this my eyes are tearing up, you see my baby is heading off to kindergarten tomorrow and although I am so happy for him, it is such a bittersweet moment for me.

Everyone keeps asking me “what will you do with all of that time?”, well work for 1, get my house back to working order {we played hard this summer:)} and get organized. I also want to set aside creative time where I can grow as a person, as it relates to my blog and all the many things I am passionate about. And of course continue a healthy balance of work, home and family, that is super important to me.

First thing is first, get control of my house. We have been on to go the entire summer and I wouldn’t change a thing, we have had the best time!!! But now it is time to get a handle on things once again. I am going to be honest, I have never considered myself to be an organized person, yikes, it pains me to admit that. Through the years I have gotten better at it though, because I figured out easy solutions to get & stay organized that worked for me. As much as I have tried, my house isn’t perfect, so instead of beating myself up I set simple expectations. So when my boys go back to school each year in September and start the new year, then so do I:).

These are 5 easy organizing tips that will be sure to get you in an organized spirit as the school year begins…

1. Set small goals. I don’t know about you but at times I see all that needs to be done & I get overwhelmed. Again, it has taken some time to realize this but I am one person, that is it end of story. I do all I can in the day to find balance. Some days are better than others, I am human:). Setting aside an hour or 2 a week is often all you need to start a good organizing rhythm. When you feel like your house is “together” then you do as well, am I right?

Simple storage solutions for an all purpose desk for the whole family

2. If you have not used it in a year then give it away. I am good at this, my husband is not but that is for another post:). Again, this is just taking a little time each week to go through different rooms. It is amazing how you feel when the clutter has left. And someone else will love & appreciate it, it is a win, win!

Birch Lane baskets, they have metal hinges for safe storage with kids.

 DIY Desk & Easy Storage Ideas

 3. Use baskets and boxes with lids to hide everyday items. I have been a basket person for as long as I can remember, they are pretty and oh so functional. Having 2 boys with lots of stuff and a husband who doesn’t like to throw anything away, these come in handy. When company comes over they can’t believe that my boys play in our family room, it is the magic of baskets I tell them.

Using baskets from Birch Lane for an easy storage solution for toys, books & games

  These large wicker baskets are from Birch Lane and I have to say they are the best I have ever owned. They have hinges, so that means they are safe for the kids to open and close without fear of caught fingers and bonks on the head, wahoo!!! And they are sturdy as anything, they would make a great nightstand stacked together, with a small tray on top, cute right?Metal boxes make storing art supllies easy

  4. Labels are your friend. I love labeling boxes and bins, it helps me keep track, I can be forgetful and it helps my boys learn where things go. Plus it looks pretty! I simply print them over at Pic Monkey.

Early fall desk & simple storage ideas

DIY Desk & easy back to school solutions

My boys...

5. Clean up what you can at the end of each day. This is easy when you know where things go, my boys help and they know better than I the exact locations for their “stuff.” These galvanized boxes are perfect for all of the papers, crayons and pencils.

galvanized boxes from Birch Lane store art supplies

tree branch colored pencils

Early Fall Desk

My creative nook & easy storage solutions for back to school

Simple storage solutions for an all purpose desk for the whole family

galvized boxes make for the perfect desk storage

The best baskets from Birch Lane, they have metal hinges so the tops don't fall down, finally!!!

 Vintage desk & easy storage solutions
This is a sponsored post by Birch Lane, 
all opinions & thought expressed are my own.

Have a beautiful week! Wish me luck for tomorrow, I am going to need it:). 

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  1. Congrats on getting a lil’ one ready to begin their kindergarten year! U deserve a pat on the back! Now, give yourself permission to take care of yourself a lil’ bit. You’ll grow to love those days at home without a kiddo arround. 🙂

  2. My wife and I are big believers in #2 on your list: if we have not used it in a year (or worse: if we have completely forgotten that we even owned it, in a year) then it either gets given away or tossed.
    #5 is something we are still working on in our house 😉

  3. I am across LI Sound in Fairfield and my “baby” turned 33 on August 25th. Enjoy these days with your boys. I miss mine.

  4. Hi!!! Lisa from Long Island here 🙂 I was wondering if you could share where you got the galvanized boxes? I’m looking for a place to store the endless reams of paper they send home from school and those would be perfect 🙂 wishing your boys a great school year!!!

  5. What a pretty, organized nook! I am feeling the organization bug in a big way to with school starting up again!

  6. A post after my own heart! I’ve been on a huge organizing kick. Our town has this huge tag sale twice a year in which they take consigned and donated items so I’m gathering up what we don’t use, need, or love and moving it out of the house. And I totally agree, when my house feels together, I feel together. And being a stay at home mom now, I feel like I could go crazy being surrounded by clutter and chaos all the time. Thanks for all the tips and goals!

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