New Rouched Necklaces

I love the feeling of creating something new for the first time.

I could have a million other things to make but sometimes a need just comes over me to make something new & I have to just go, do, design & make, otherwise my mind is restless(it’s a problem). Anyone relate?

Anyways, I decided to raid my notions and fabric stash over the weekend and found some beautiful pieces I forgot I had.

I have always loved the look of crystals & pearls. And there has been plenty of inspiration out there with rouching fabric and trimmings. One word to describe the blend of textures and hues, “romantic.”
Perfect to wear for date night. I wore the camel lace with my white outfit. I never go out looking for compliments but I am always happy when I do. The validation for a creative person, well you all know how that goes……

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  1. Seriously….we have the same brain. If we could just live in the same house and split our projects imagine what we could get done. You are so great at just doing it!!! We went to the park instead:-) Love the necklaces!!! I saw some at Anthro that I wanted to try my own twist on too!! You will be getting compliments everywhere you go!!!

  2. I love Love lovE!! that necklace!!! Oh my goodness it’s so romantic no one would care what else you are wearing when you have that necklace on!
    great mind!!!

  3. it’s funny, i have had those very same thoughts. if i can just make one new thing…..and yes the validation is so nice! your neckalces are lovely! i saw something i think in threads magazine but yours are so delicate & feminine, love them!

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