"My Dream Came True"

I have past this house hundreds of times and each time I get just as excited to see it as I did the very first time. It gives me the feeling of “anything is possible.” If this person’s dream came true and he or she was so inspired to write in on their barn and scream it from the roof tops so to speak then “WOW,” it must have been a pretty amazing dream someone had!

I often wonder if the dream was to move out to the country, live on acres of land & live a simple life.

Maybe Darlene or Megan know what the dream was(they live nearby).

On second thought maybe some things are better left a mystery!
Just beautiful!

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  1. Oh — I just love this! It went immediately into my inspiration file! You have such a way of featuring great, positive images and sentiments! It’s such a pleasure visiting over here. So uplifting — especially considering this weather.

  2. So sweet… the mystery… makes me think of all the wonderful dreams out there and how they are all different for everyone! i love knowing that they wanted to share the sentiment with everyone who drives by! Very cool!!! Thank You for sharing such a beautiful thing.

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