My Wish List

I went for a run last night to the bay and as I rounded the corner a saw a boat moored off the docks. It was a boat I hadn’t ever seen and it was old & very beautiful. It looked so peaceful out there by itself with the the sun setting in the background(first sunset in a long, long time with all of the east coast rain).

I said to myself ” I want that.” The beauty, the peace, the excitement(and yes the work). I also said to myself “not now but maybe someday.”
So I started to think about all the things I would like to do/have in my lifetime.

A wish list so to speak. So here is goes.

1. Own a sailboat.
Big enough to sleep and cook, maybe 36-40 ft, nothing huge. Use is for short trips, moor it more than sail it.

2. Travel
I would like to go to France, possibly visit where my grandfather was born, Nice would be nice. Ireland, visit where my mothers family was raised. Defiantly Italy, anywhere. And a trip back to California. I would also like to revisit Aspen, CO, that’s were my husband & I fell in love(maybe an anniversary, alone!).

3. Be featured in a publication.
Any publication, even the local paper, it’s been a dream since I started doing this 14 years ago.

4. Own a big old house on a good piece of property.
I love to dream of owning an old house again. I have redone an old house in the past so I am not naive about the work. This time I would be smarter though, I would PAY someone! I just adore all of the details & the history an old house has to offer.

5. Own an old cool vehicle to putts around town in.
I love those old Jeep Wagoners, again not naive to the work, I have had MANY old beaters.

That’s were I got stumped. I was now walking trying to think of what else I would wanted. Nothing………Blank………

The thing is, that in my lifetime I do want things but not as much as I want the intangibles.

6. I want happiness and health.

7. I want love in my home.

8. I want to make memories my children will remember all of their lifetime.

8. I want them to know that they are loved!

9. I want more good days than bad.

10. I want to still be an optimist in 20-30 years.

11. I want to always be learning & growing.

12. I want to always have a young spirit.
13. I want to give back.

14. I want to be grateful for all the things I have instead of the things I don’t have.

The list could go on & on but I will spare you:).

So there you have it my wish list.

Does anyone else dream like this or I am the only sap?

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  1. We could sit out side on the chaise lounge and wish away the day as the kids play.. i wish to travel {one dash 3 and 4 came along my traveling days have been limited} wish for a cottage to escape to with the family, wish for good health for all my kids and hubby & me always, wish for my kids to all go to wonderful colleges without financial worries, I could go on too… oh you got me started now! it’s so fun to wish…
    have a wonderful friday,

  2. yes, we all do! right now i dream about fixing up the second floor of our 119 year old barn/garage to be my studio! thanks for visiting! have a wonderful weekend!

  3. No, you are not alone! I have so many wishes. And it isn’t a coincidence that mine are so similar to yours! We are both creative moms and want the best for our children and families.

    I have such a love for country cottage, as well, so we have those things in common as well!

    Stop by my blog and say hi!

  4. I’m all mixed up today! I’m sorry for the delete. I remembered that I wanted to share a wonderful blog that I thought you would enjoy. I find Erin’s writing to be special and on topic for what you have been blogging about. Do visit and let me know what you think.

    Oh, and she also did an interview of me! But that isn’t why I am sending you there!

    Congrats on pre-school grad! You must be so proud!

  5. Most of my dreams have nothing to do with things. Obviously I want to have a good marriage. A marriage that makes my kids feel safe, loved and they leave our home knowing the whole world is open to them…but we will always welcome them back. But moving on to the things:) I would love an old, beautiful farmhouse on acreage. I don’t want much..just trees, creek, apple orchard, barn and old stone silo;-)

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