A Special Birthday

Today is my 36 birthday!

My sister had a small birthday party for me, it has been years since I had a birthday party, it was really nice.

We were all talking and reminiscing, which I love. I love it because I feel like I missed so much growing up because my siblings were so much older and also because I forget things, a lot(pregnancy really did me in). Anyways, my sister started talking about the night I was born and how exciting it was for her, she was 10. She told me that my mom was washing the dog that day(which we actually have a picture of) and painting a dresser outside(the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.) It was around 9:30 at night when she went into labor, my dad called my nan who was at a pizza parlor a couple towns over and she rushed over to take care of my 2 sisters and brother. They left for the hospital at 11:00pm and I was born at 1:29(my son was born at 1:29 also, what a sweet coincidence). By this time my father had been chiming in through the outside window so I went out to talk to him, his eyes welled up with tears and he said “he remembered it like it was yesterday.” It was at that moment I realized how significant those few moments of conversation were. I probably heard details before but I had never heard them as a mom myself. My eyes welled up with tears as my heart sank thinking of how much I missed my mom, the women who carried me for 9 months, endured the aches and pains of pregnancy and who loved me for 23 years.

Needless to say the night was extremely memorable. One I won’t forget.

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  1. What a wonderful night. I can’t imagine how much you miss your mom. You are really blessed to be surrounded by so many people that love you…and I LOVE that your daddy got teary eyed just thinking about the night you were born. Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! So sweet. what a blessing to be with your family celebrating you special day! this makes me realize that as adults we forget to take the time to celebrate our birthdays. I’m so happy your sister gave you such a treat.
    wishing you many birthday blessing!

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