5 Things I Realized Over The Holiday Break

The holiday break went by way too fast, didn’t it?! There was so much build up and prepping, then poof, it was over. With the work load of the blog, projects, house tours and activities for the boys before hand, I was really ready for some down time. I was in super speedy mode for weeks before hand, I am sure you were as well. Phew, I panic just thinking about all of it.

I took the time away over the holidays as a way to refuel and reevaluate but I knew I couldn’t do that if I was half in and half out. So I made a choice to be all in with my important peeps and enjoy every minute.

Being away I realized a few things….

1.Breaks are needed. I go at 2 speeds, crazy fast and lazy slow. I rarely hit lazy slow unless I am sick. There is just too much to do that I never slow down to actually do silly, mindless & fun stuff for me. This break I did. And let me tell you, I feel like a new person!!

(I rarely show pictures of myself but from time to time you need to know I am a real person behind the words:))


2.Netflix is SO good for the soul! I remember listening to a Brene Brown video over the summer and she talked about bingeing on a good show or book, like for a full day. At the time I thought wow, that’s cool but I could NEVER do it. We tell ourselves to keep going, that not taking a break is to be glorified but really it depletes us if we don’t refuel. We went away for a few days and I started to watch The Crown on Netflix, OMG, it is so good! I found myself watching late at night when everyone was asleep and early before everyone woke up. I felt like I had a dirty little secret I was keeping from them, haha.


3. Social media will be there when I get back. I didn’t post much over vacation and it was a nice break. I don’t know about you but I can’t be in the moment with my family and worry about a good shot or writing something witty. Some people can, I am not one of them. There were a few days I left my phone at home and what came was such clarity & purpose of the time together. I don’t want to look back on these moments and think I wasn’t really there or that social media was more important.

4. Faith is good. Through the years my faith has been tested. I lost my mother young and a sister way too soon. I saw and felt things that made me questions everything. I never detoured from what I know to be true in my heart but leaving some things to a higher power has always been difficult for me. I tend to worry and as I get older I find more to stress & worry about. Maybe you do as well. I am happy to say through prayer and mediation I have found peace again, a peace I don’t think I have ever had before. I am a work in progress but faith has brought me to a good place. My runs in the morning are my therapy, a time to think, feel, contemplate, rejoice and on occasion weep. I always end my runs on a boardwalk that leads to the beach where I stretch, hold my hand over my heart and feel all that is good in my life. I know, I am a cornball but what I know is, gratitude brings joys.


5. I am blessed. Being a home design blogger you see beautiful images all day long. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you aren’t good enough or that your home isn’t perfect enough. Guess what, my home isn’t perfect, I am not a super star and I am so ok with that. I have been blogging for almost 5 years and I have finally made some sense of the comparison game. When I am grateful for the things I have and have faith in my own journey, I don’t have to worry about everyone else. And I can show grace & kindness to others when they are shining bright.

One last thing, I have the most amazing partner in crime. He may not be handy but he surely makes up for it in other ways. He is incredibly kind, generous, self-sacrificing and the BEST dad ever!!! Oh and handsome too;)!



I have an affection for mid-century modern furnishings lately. My new den was inspired by a certain piece and I am talking all about it over at Better Homes & Gardens. I am also sharing 10 looks that play well mid-century, click HERE to read more.

10-amazing-looks-for-the-mid-century-sideboardHave a beautiful day sweet friends!

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    1. Opening up is sometimes hard for me but when I realize I am not alone it makes it all worth it:). I so wish we lived closer and could catch up more!

  1. I just read your post and had to smile and nod the whole time. We walk different walks, but the true meaning for both of us is what you just posted. Thanks for bringing it before me today.

  2. I think what I enjoy most about your blog is that you seem real and this post confirms that. Your home is one that is warm and comfortable and exudes family. Don’t change! You are very talented, some blogs can make me feel like my house has to be updated, renovated etc on a regular basis. I have stopped reading a lot of blogs because instead of inspiring me I began to feel overwhelmed with too much going on. Your blog is one of the few I will continue to read. Wishing you well in the New Year.

    1. Thank you Tina, you have no idea how much that means to me! That is my goal, to inspire doable home projects but to also make that connection, as well as share my heart. Have a wonderful day, Jen

  3. Thank you for opening up and speaking with a genuine voice. As women there is such incredible pressure to be perfect, and, too often, that’s interpreted to mean going nonstop. Slowing down, for all of us is truly necessary and each and every one of us should be a vocal advocate for putting the brakes on.

    1. So true Suzy! There is so much pressure and we then place it on ourselves which makes all of it so unachievable. It has taken me a while but finally in my 40’s I am getting it:). Have a great day, Jen

  4. So sorry you lost your mother and sister.
    Beautiful picture of you at the beach!!!
    And the picture of the kids is in Boston!!
    That’s where I’m from. Love your blog. : )

  5. Great article and love your true voice of how you feel.YOU are truly an amazing person.Thank you

  6. thank you for being a real person just like those of us that aren’t the most creative. happy 2017!

  7. Thank you for sharing from your heart. I really appreciate it. I’m so glad that you took some time for yourself during the holidays to recharge and that your faith is stronger than ever.

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