Biking For A New Purpose

The other night I found myself without a car. I had dropped my SUV off at the dealership in the morning hopeful I would have it by dinner time as I had nothing to make for dinner.

So it was 4:30 when I got the call, they had to order a part & it wouldn’t be ready until the next day.

Huh, what to do for dinner?

So my son & I biked into town. It was so peaceful & quiet. We got our pizza, went to the town gazebo & parked ourselves. We packed a cooler with drinks, fruit & snacks. We meet some friends & had a great picnic. They kids ran around & we(grown ups) got to chat. We went to the Deli for ice cream & headed home. For a last minute plan it was so much fun. I big part of that for me was the simplicity of it. That we could use our bikes for a purpose other than excercise. Like years ago when people didn’t have automobiles.

I have come to realize I like simple, it makes me feel good inside. I feel like I am connecting to the moments not so much the things.

Summer time is a great time to “live simply”, I hope everyone has great weekend.

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  1. Hi! I just came across your blog and was so shocked to see that you are from close by! I actually grew up in Sayville. It is a wonderful town and has lots of wonderful things to offer.

    The house you show is great! It is right up my alley, too.

    Good luck with your dreams!

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