My Feature In Cottages & Bungalows

I am a dreamer.

I have been this way my entire life.

As a child I remember always being in thought,

what to make, how to make it and of course who I would  marry one day:).

I would gaze out my windows and just imagine the possibilities.

Growing up I was the youngest of 4 and money was tight.

I would flip through magazines and show my mother what I dreamed of having.

She would always give me the same answer “you can make that yourself you know.”

She taught me to sew, to paint, took me to her art classes, bought me tools on birthdays and holidays so I create anything I envisioned.

Not to sound corny, but she really was the wind beneath my wings growing up.

And I am so grateful she encouraged me to “use my gifts” & taught me to be resourceful.


Fast forward to a 5 months ago, I was at the local thrift store and spotted a large and VERY heavy vintage stereo, it really needed some TLC.

I knew I needed a  large piece for my family room but….

was I really going to drive home, take car seats out, drop off boys with my sister, drive back, load

this up myself all to save a few bucks….


 I barely fit this piece in my SUV and drove it home, when I got home, my husband helped me load it out.

I asked him if he thought I was crazy and he said “no, I know you’ll make it GREAT:).”

At that moment I had no real plan, but was excited to get started.


Fast forward to a few days ago when I came home to a package & this inside…..

 my feature in Cottages & Bungalows!Cottage & Bungalows Feature-City Farmhouse

This issue is AMAZING! So many ideas & tons of decorating genius packed into one issue,

what a visual treat!

City Farmhouse 10 dollar makeover featured in cottages & bungalows

This is THAT vintage stereo, you can find the link HERE.

I still can hardly believe it,

that is my project & my name right there in print!

City Farmhouse feature in Cottage & Bungalows

I know my mom would have been tickled pink over this:).

I hope you all have a blissful weekend!

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  1. Congratulations! That is a great piece and I love how you styled it with the mirror and LOVE sign. Your home is lovely and your willingness to share your ideas with us would surely make your mom proud. I will be sure to pick up a copy as soon as it hits our stores. Happy weekend (a long Victoria Day weekend for us here in Ontario and Canada.)

  2. Congratulations Jen! Nice work ! Your creativity and and hard work deserves to be recognized and shared with all those who say, “I cannot afford that “. You have shown them ,” yes you can “,with a little time , effort and resourcefulness you can have the same look at an affordable price and best of all it’s an original !

    1. Thank you Ms. P, that was such a nice comment you left. Such an exciting thing:). And to think I almost past it up!

  3. Jen!! I’m so Happy for you, That’s so cool! Cottage and Bungalows is one of my favorites, and you totally belong in it 🙂 I’ll have to pick me up a copy.

  4. Congrats! I can’t wait to pick up a copy 🙂 I adore your living room and am using it as inspiration for my own. Must be so exciting to see it in print, hurray!

  5. It looks awesome! I still haven’t seen it yet. No copies have made it to me yet and I haven’t been able to find it in our local stores. 🙁 So excited to see everyone’s features! Congrats again!

    1. Hi Jessica, If you want me to send you a scan I would be happy to:). I think it hits stores May28th so I am sure you don’t want to wait any longer;). YOu go girl, you got 2 pages!!! YOu are so talented Jess, you should be so proud of yourself! Congrats to you too:)!

  6. Just saw this – it is amazing! CONGRATULATION! Your mom would be soooo proud. And now, I am going to the mag website and order a copy for myself.

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