10 Things About Me You May Have Never Guessed 

Hi there friends! It’s been a while since I opened up and shared some personal things about myself and since there are many new faces to my blog I thought this would be a great time to get reacquainted. I have written a few of these before so I will try not to be redundant. So…here are 1o things you never probably would have never guessed about me….

  1. I am not a big shopper. You may think this is strange being in home design but yeah, I don’t much care for shopping. I get excited to go for a few hours and hit 2-3 stores but then I am done and can’t go back for a while. I am definitely not a mall person and would always prefer to go alone. Does that make me weird?
  2. For me exercise=empowerment. Growing up I never considered myself much of an athlete.  I did play soccer for many years but was never the competitive type or ever felt coordinated for that matter.  I stayed active through my 20’s & 30’s and loved being outdoors but never really pushed myself hard. After becoming a mother myself I lived in fear of having the same fate as my mom and sister, as they both passed away young. My mom was 56 when she passed away from lung failure and my sister Jackie was 48 when she suddenly passed away from complications of diabetes. It was a few years after Jackie passed away, one day while on a walk I realized that I could chose strength over fear. That was the turning point for me, I pushed myself further and further with each day, month and year that went by. The realization that strengthen myself physically also made me feel empowered in every facet of my life. I run about 6-8 miles a week and cross train 2x a week with my amazing trainer & friend Kim. I also just joined My Peak Challenge because I wanted to set further goals for myself and this seemed like a great way to do that on my own. They give 50% of it’s membership fees to charity, that is a HUGE reason I joined.  My goal for this year, oh gosh do I dare put it out there? Is to run a 10k. City Farmhouse
  3. I wear Invisalign.  One morning about 5 years ago while scrolling Instagram I found this incredibly honest post by another blogger. In a nutshell, she said if you aren’t happy with something about yourself or in your life, then change it! Basically saying that you are important too. I was a mommy of 2, felt exhausted and poured every ounce of myself into my family at that time. I thought that was the way to be the best mom. To sacrifice myself and my needs in order to be there 100% for them. Wow, listening to those words while I write them seems to foreign to me now. Since then I realize if I don’t take care of me then I can’t be the best person to them. What that blogger wrote stayed with me. So….2 years ago I decided to go for it and finally get Invisalign. It wasn’t cheap and that held me back for a long time. As I will talk more about hitting 40 below, it opened my eyes to valuing myself more and that led to me finally taking the plunge. My teeth weren’t awful by any means but I never had braces and they bothered me. I am almost done and couldn’t be happier!!!!
  4. Someday I would like to write a book . I am not saying no to a decorating book but it’s more a creative non-fiction I am thinking. It’s really important to put goals out there into the world and this is something I have been seriously pondering for a while and have even begin sifting through the layers.
  5. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love it because I get to connect with all of you. I hate it (I know that is a strong word) because it changes how I view myself. And I know I am not the only one. That is troubling to me, that people might see something I post and feel bad, maybe about their house, their lives or themselves. Please know, that is NEVER my intention! It’s a real thing and I am trying to be conscious of this when I post. I want to be as honest, real and kind as I can possibly be.
  6. I believe gratitude is the birthplace of happiness. And that the energy you put out in the world always comes back to you. I try to instill this in my boys and do talk about it often on the blog. Some days are better than others but I always start my day with gratitude. I take Denver for a walk each morning and watch the sunrise over the bay, I listen to the incredible sounds of nature & it awakens my soul to all that is good. On a side note, I am reading Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. She has changed everything for me.
  7. Any kind of red hot candies are my nemesis. I eat healthy and make good, clean choices most of the time but man, sometimes those red, hot candies get the best of me. I am talking Red Hots and Hot Tamales specifically. It’s bad, I know!
  8. I consider my dad one of my best friends. We have been through a lot with my dad. I lived with him when my mom and sister passed away and thank God I was. The pain he went through was raw, real and beyond any kind of difficult I had even known, at times unbearable to see. I would hear him crying through the walls, especially at night when all was quiet. He is the kindest of people with an enormous heart and generous soul. He makes it easy to love him. We talk about everything and he has a great perspective on life.City Farmhouse
  9. I love being in my 40’s. There is a certain wisdom and ownership of one self that doesn’t really come until you hit your 40’s. I spent a lot of years trying to live up to others expectations. When I hit this time in my life, that didn’t seem as important as how I saw myself. It can be a very liberating time, at least that has been my experience. The aging part, I plan of doing it as gracefully as I can.
  10. My house is always in transition. And never really done for that matter. But, that is what makes it fun. Basically, it’s far from perfect, every day of the week:).

City Farmhouse den

Oh and I am Gluten Free, but I think you all knew that, if not you can read about why HERE. I also drink a glass of water every morning when I wake up before I drink coffee. I guess that makes 12, oops:)!

I love this saying….

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, you can leave under comments or email me at [email protected]

In a nutshell, this is who I am. You can read more “about me” HERE, HERE and HERE. Thank you for continuing to take this fun journey with me! I have lots of great ideas in store this year, so stay tuned! This week I am painting my living room, wish me luck!

Have a happy day!

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  1. Lovely share! I totally agree that a woman in her 40s is in a very special decade. Enjoy that time! Each decade brings more wisdom and lots more reflection.

  2. Hi Jen!

    I read all your stuff. I’m drawn to your love of all things beach and serene. Your story resonates with me and there are so many similarities that I just find your post refreshing. I love how you took the tragedy of loosing your sister and mother and strengthened your body and mind. That empowers everyone who hears your story. Thank you for sharing and always keeping it real from Long Island 🙂

  3. I have been enjoying your blog for about a year now and this is the first time I have been inspired to comment. Your very real an honest “things about me” are so endearing! I have been thinking about Invisalign too! You are nudging me closer to going for it.😀 Thank you for taking the time to share beautiful photos of your home, yummy gluten free recipes, and your creativity with the rest of us!

    And by the way, the 50’s are pretty great too!

    1. That is so nice to hear Karen, something to look forward too!! I would recommend it if you can swing it, after the 1st week you forgot you are wearing them. Have a good night,Jen

  4. No, you’re not weird because you like to shop alone!! I’m the same way even though I can enjoy shopping with friends. I always shop much better on my own and can go at my own pace, which is usually a fast one! I know what I want normally so I’m not much of a browser. Loved your thoughts and sharing so much with us. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh, I so agree with you about shopping alone. I usually have an idea in mind of what I want, go to the specific store I want to buy from, and have a fun time.

      I am not weird, at least I hope I’m not. 🙂

  5. Loved this post but you already know I’m a huge fan! You’ve been so inspiring to me in many ways through the years (I’ve been giddy with basement excitement lately) but your inspiration goes far beyond home decor! I think you’re pretty great, thanks for sharing…and write the book! 😆❤️

  6. It is always a pleasure when I see a professional reveal some honest facts. I have always been fascinated by people, so I guess reading about you (behind the scenes) – is refreshing.

    Thanks for the lovely blog, and I am looking forward to seeing the ideas you come up with for us this year.

    Happy 2018

    1. Thank you Lynn, I feel the same way about getting to know people on a deeper, more authentic level. No, not weird:). Jen

  7. I love this post! It’s how I feel about many things, as well. I’ll be 45 soon – and I have a level of confidence that I never knew until the last few years! Life is too short to live any other way. Take care of yourself first and foremost. Speak your mind – but do it kindly. Go after your dreams! Work hard! Live the life that makes you happy! Never settle! Don’t be jealous of others – let other people be an inspiration. Let go of the negativity and stress. Focus on happiness & joy & peace. Love YOUR life!

  8. I loved your post and your openness! Thanks for letting new followers such as myself really get to know you!

  9. What a delight to read such honesty. I’m new to your blog, so it was a great place to start. So much of what you shared resonated within me, I too lost both my parents at a young age. Dad was only 50, I was 18 and mom at a young age of 60 to cancer after carrying for her in my home for 18 months. I was just 32, with my son 10 and daughter 8. I will always be grateful to have had that time with her, it changed me forever. It’s been a life of mangy challenges and now in my 60’s I need to begin focusing on me, if not now, then when. But it’s not easy to do and feels so foreign. You have inspired me so much to move forward with a plan to care for myself in a more loving way. Although I’ve not experienced braces, I’ve had many continual years of dental treatment.
    Bone grafting and implants and I finally as of just a few weeks, have the finished look and I’m so happy with it. This needs to be my year of self love. Thank you again. I’m so glad to be here and get to know you.

    1. Hi Leanne, thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment. I am so sorry for your losses, especially at such a young age. This is your time, I know it isn’t easy to focus on yourself but you are so deserving of it and more. Best wishes for the year ahead and may it be filled with lots of love! Jen

  10. Hi! I love reading your blog. The posts are full of useful contents and i think this post is really inspiring for many people.

    Thanks for sharing! Glad to know you and your blog! : )

  11. Always a deep feel drip out from your words. Thank you for taking the time to write such an inspiring post! Go alone for shopping, Bearing a dream of writing own book, Considering your father as one of your best friends etc few qualities of yours I get common among us.

  12. A kindred spirit! I feel the same way about shopping, so good in theory, but it exhausts me! I’m also loving my 40s and on my last Invisalign st of aligners! 30 of 30. I see the orthodontist tomorrow to find out what’s next. I can’t wait to just leisurely enjoy cups of tea and coffee all day and not have to carry all my tooth rushing supplies everywhere, but the whole process was a lot easier than I expected.

    1. Good luck with the Invisalign!!! I know what you mean!! It will feel great to be done!! Have a great day & thank you! Jen

  13. Love how you are so open and honest in your blog. My father died at the young age of 58 and my sister at 56. My brother who is 48 just had a liver transplant 2 years ago. I have lived in fear that something was going to happen to me, given my family history. I decided many years ago that I would adopt a healthy lifestyle and I haven’t looked back. I work out 5 times a week, eat organic and no dairy or gluten. Making these choices for me has given me some sense of control. Again thank you for sharing, you are truly inspiring.

    1. Hi Darlene, it sounds like our lives are parallel, so many similarities. I am so glad you connected to my story and struggles. What a gift you have given yourselves and your family. xoxo Jen

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