My Sister’s Children-An Update

A few years ago
 I shared a story about my sister Jackie,
who passed away
unexpectedly leaving behind her 3 young children.
 You can read it here.
I wanted to take this opportunity
to share with you some updates on
how they are doing.
Jess(left) is going to be turning 25 in September
she just became a certified CNA.
She is passionate, determined and extremely hard working.
She set her mind on a goal & achieved it all on her own.
We are so proud of her!
Jason just turned 17,
 he is your typically teenager in many ways
but extraordinary in the ways that really matter.
He spends lots of time with his church youth group.
He is kind & funny.
Oh and I can’t forget to mention SMART!
He has managed to take mostly honors & AP classes.
He hopes to go off to college next year to study
Forensic Science.
And last but NOT least Julie(right),
she just celebrated her 21 birthday in May.
She has a BIG heart!
She is an amazing & expressive writer and old soul.
She has been volunteering at Meals on Wheels
the local Wolf Sanctuary.
She spent this summer interning at a state park where she
monitored and protected sea turtles.
She hopes to be a Park Ranger.
What touches my heart the most
 makes me feel so proud inside,
 is that
they have managed to find their way.
All on their own.
They have embraced life,
reached goals ,
opened their hearts
succeeded in everyway that counts.

They are the true definition of
The idea that hope can spring from despair.
That if we are brave and let our experiences
be our teacher that
anything is possible.
Their future is bright:)!

This is a print by an etsy artist,
It reminds me of them. 

Heart and Intuition 8 x 10 paper print - Steve Jobs quote - inspirational mixed media word art, typography collage and text
Julie & Jason
are arriving on Tuesday for a very welcomed visit.
We are looking forward to having lots of fun
hope to share some
highlights of their trip.
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. This gave me chills… as a mother I couldn’t imagine leaving my children behind but knowing how great they are and have tuned out to be hopefully gives you and your family some peace. They are beautiful outside and on the inside from the sound of it. You should be so proud… and I am sure your sister is as well.

  2. Jen, what a beautiful post. I am so glad they are doing well. Jackie was such a kind person, that is what I remember most about her. God bless them.

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