Bloggers Day Out & Designing With The Stars Contest

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all had a great weekend:).
My boys were home last week & so was my husband for much of the time, which was really NICE.
Getting back to reality today & into the swing of things again.
Last Friday there was a Bloggers Day Out for bloggers in the NY area, which I was lucky enough to attend.
It was hosted by Miriam of Hometalk
We spent the morning with Janna & Greg of Cutting Edge Stencils in Ramsey, NJ.
They gave us a step by step lesson on
How To Stencil , which Kelly wrote about in her blog.
She also posted in Hometalk too.
 This is us:).
Eclectically Vintage
From left to right, is Laura of Pet Scribbles, Evey of Sweet Song Bird , Kelly from Electically Vintage, Miriam of Hometalk, Jennifer of Days of Chalk and Chocolate, me, Laura of Finding Home, and Janna of Cutting Edge Stencils.
Janna shows us how to start.
Greg shows us how to finish the edges.
Pretty amazing right?
BTW, Cutting Edge Stencils is doing a giveaway
for this stencil -The Charlotte on thier blog today.
We had so much fun & I was so happy to meet these amazing, kind, funny & talented ladies!
Ok, so onto the Blogger Contest & A BIG FAVOR.
I entered into this contest over at East Coast Creative Blog.
Basically 12 bloggers will be chosen & each will be  matched up with one of these amazingly talented ladies above to compete in a 4 week challange known as Designing With The Stars.
What I need you to do is go to the hosting blog & scroll down to the linked up images, I am #9, then click on it.
That is all, it will take you back to my blog.
Click HERE to vote.
The 12th spot will be given to the person who gets the most votes.
Please spread the word, post on FB, every vote counts:)!
Voting ends Wednesday, Feb. 27th at noon, so be sure to head on over.
 This is the image & entry you are looking for,
my vintage stereo makeover & chalkboard sign,
 Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me,
I so appreciate it!
Have a wonderful week,

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  1. What a fun day out! I only know one other home blogger in the Boston area, wish something like this would happen around here! I entered that contest too, I so hope we both get in!! Pins and needles til Friday…

  2. It looks great Jen, but when I go to vote the” hosting blog & here” links show up as can’t find the server. Just want to make sure it’s not on your end and your missing votes.
    Good luck!

  3. I also entered the contest. I am so excited. I voted for you a couple of times. I love the project you entered and your blog. Check me out. I am #312. Good luck.

  4. Jen – I had the most amazing time! So excited to finally meet one of my local peeps!

    I foresee many stenciling projects in our futures!

    I entered the contest – but you know I’m going over and clicking on your pic right now!!

  5. I’m a little late catching up, but what a fun time, Jen! I’m so sad that my vacation overlapped with the day out this time. Such a great group of bloggers! Thanks for sharing your recap!

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