Real Life With A White Slipcover & Keeping It Pretty

Hi Friends!
Last week I shared my Family Room Makeover & you all left they nicest comments, thank you!
I had recieved many questions that I tried my best to answer.
Lots of questions about my sectional so I thought I would post about it.
When my husband & I finally decided to buy a
NEW sectional for our family room last fall,
we knew we didn’t want to blow the entire budget
 on it for a few reasons.
1. We had bought an expensive down sofa when
 we first got married and we ended up giving it away.
To recover it was going to cost way too much,
between the fabric & labor
and I certainly did NOT have the patience to make it myself:).
2. We have 2 young boys and a dog, need I say more:).
So we went to IKEA to look for sofas.
I knew it would be a good first experience with a WHITE slipcover sofa,
since we weren’t breaking the bank to do so.
A few trips later we came home with this sectional.
 I love when the room is all clean & tidy.
Which with 2 young boys and a dog isn’t that often.
But…..when it is tidy, ahhhh it feels good.
 I know you are  curious as to how I like it.
Well, I LOVE it, I really do.
It is comfortable, the cushions are foam wrapped not filled with batting so they keep their shape
the covers wash REALLY well.
I won’t lie, it is a little more work but the pay off is that it is always clean.
What a beautiful thing to be able to wash away sticky hand messes, lollipop drool and sick germs:).
If you plan on getting a slipcovered white sofa,
this is what you will need,
1. sticky lint roller( the white attracts & shows every bit of lint)
2. Oxy Clean laundry powder(makes everything really white & bright)
3. Use any free & clear detergent
4. Oxy Clean Laundry Spray
(for quick spot cleaning, it gets ANYTHING out, even pink highlighter:))
Tips for washing the covers,
1. Wash in cold
2. Add a scoop of Oxy Clean Powder
3. I use free & clear
4. Put in dryer for a short time on low, take out when they are damp dry.
Put covers back on covers damp, they will fit perfectly, no shrinking.
Hopefully this helps & doesn’t scare you.
Honestly, I would buy another in a second.
Before I had to hire someone to come & clean my sofas,
I like the convenience of taking them off whenever I wish to clean them.
Plus, if you & your family totally destroy this slipcover then you can buy another cover for the ENTIRE sectional for-$99.00.
Yup, you read right, sweet huh?
I adore how crisp & light the room feels.
 Ok, last tidy picture, now onto REAL LIFE.
This is Jack, he is almost 3 & he loves to play in this room
with his older 7 year old brother, Shane.
They have snacks and drinks in here &
we also have family picnics, crazy as it seems we do:).
It is a LIVING room after all. They I am still very careful
but….I want us to enjoy this space.
To follow are more REAL LIFE images.
My house looks like this more often than not, even worse at times.
 My pretty gray throw is usually wrapped around a little warm body or thrown on the couch in a random fashion:).
Oh and this not staged ,this is where everything was when I took these photos.
 Oh & the couch gets climbed on too,
did I mention I have 2 boys?
 See my pretty throw:).
I tell myself they are things, yes pretty things but they are meant to be used, worn & loved.
 Sloppy pillows, books, toys, trucks, baseball mitt…..
 Jack is carefully planning his next move….
to make a complete mess.
 He loves this truck and boy does it make the loudest sound when it crashes!
You can see how loved & worn this is, it gets abused.
 More toys in the background:).
And here HE is, the worst offender, my 11 year old Wheaten Terrier Murph:).
I wanted to show you that real life happens around this couch & that we really do use & ENJOY this room.
I hope this all helps.
Please email me or FB me any questions you may have.
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Have a wonderful end to your week,
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  1. Thanks for this post! I am currently sofa shopping and am having the hardest time deciding what to get! Don’t want to shell out for PB. But the JCPenney version that I heard was comparable seemed SO small (my room is huge)!

    1. Had both the jcp and the ikea ektorp. Go for the
      Ektorp. I regret getting the Friday sofa.

      1. I can’t believe I accidentally I came across this in deciding my next step. I’ve actually had the Friday sofas (in green, ugh) for a number of years and wanted to switch the covers out to white (kids are grown, but the dog stays). The Friday collection has apparently been discontinued so I have no choice than to buy brand new sofas so… Ektorp it is! I’m looking forward to neat freaking my new white sofas!!

        Jack is adorbs. 🙂

  2. Jenn, love you sofa from Ikea. I didn’t know that made such handsome furniture. You did a wonderful job keeping your living room light and airy feeling.
    I wish for little kid mess in my house… I so miss it. Give those darling boys a big hug… they will fly from the nest sooner than you can imagine!!!

  3. Thanks for the post I was one of those with the “white couch and boys” questions! I am going to do it, we already have the couch and chairs I am going to get the slipcovers, you have definitely reassured me and for just $200 I can get two sets! I really get the when it is cleaned up it is crisp,clean and CALM and don’t we all need that at the end of the day!

  4. Looks fantastic! I just bought a couch from Ikea, but we went with the Gray slipcover… for now. I love that I can go and get a new one anytime for not a lot of $$!! I think I might try the white next!

  5. It looks wonderful, Jen! Is that the Ektorp? I have an Ektorp chair {and a second one that I gave to my daughter for my granddaughter’s nursery}. I bought them before the slipcovers were an option but as soon as I saw the white {for $25.00!} I bought one for each chair. I just washed it recently, doing it the same way you do. I also have a white slipcovered sofa that is not Ikea and that one is next up to be washed. Of course, I don’t have small children here on a daily basis or a dog, so it is mostly dust. Your living room looks like a very comfortable place to be.

  6. it looks like a million bucks to me, and i would never know it was not shabby chic couture!

    love seeing the real life shots and learning you are the mother of 2 sons…just like me!

    smiles to you, white lovin mama.


  7. I had the exact same sectional from Ikea! I had to sell it to my friend when I moved to a smaller apartment, but he still loves it, 5+ years after I first bought it, and even made the move from NYC to DC with her. I loved the sectional so much, that when I moved to a smaller place, I bought the three seater sofa as a replacement!

  8. Your room looks very pretty and also comfy for your family- the best of both worlds. Luckily our custom sofa fit a white Ikea slipcover as a temporary solution. The prices here in Canada are higher but still affordable. I hope to get a sectional for our family room before too long. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Your little one is a cutie.

  9. I’ve had the same sofa for almost six years, and I have washed its cover quite a lot of times (granted, we only have a dog and ourselves to make it dirty, but sometimes that’s enough) and it works like a charm. At the beginning I bought a second cover in case Ikea discontinues this model, so I switch them out from time to time.

  10. We love our white Ikea slipcovered couches and we’ve had everything spilled on them and never a problem with anything coming out. My favorite part is how pretty they look and how fun it is to decorate with white couches 😉 Your home is beautiful and I love your pillows on the couch!

  11. This is such a great post. We have a surefit white slip cover and I love it. It is super easy to clean, as you stated with yours, and with kids and a pet I like knowing that I have the option to take the slipcover off and wash it. I do the same as you with keeping it damp when I put it back on and it really does go on nice and wrinkle free. I will have to try the spray you use. I usually will dap stains with a bleach pen before I throw it in the wash. With that said, our couch underneath the slipcover is pretty much gone so we need something new and I am so torn over what to do!


  12. Thank you for sharing this! I have been doing the white test with our slipcovers, but was still nervous about making the big jump when we purchase our next couch. It looks so pretty and makes me feel better about doing it, after reading your post! Those everyday scenes look so familiar to me! Glad you are happy with it and it is working out well for you. 🙂

  13. What a great post! I’ve always wondered about white slipcovered sofas. I love, love, love the last photos… they make me think of our email conversation this week. 🙂 And then I laughed that we both shared photos of everyday life… although I think I have you beat in the messy department. 😉

  14. what a refreshing post. And it’s so nice to know about Ikea quality and prices. Especially the slipcover for a sectional. Wow. Your boys are too precious, I’ve got two myself, and I loved those ages!!!
    Leslie (GwenMoss)

  15. I never think to put them back on damp. I agree completely though, definitely worth the little bit of extra work. We have two IKEA love seats in our living room and I ADORE them. We have a dog, and a cat, and a teenager and another….yep, they get all sorts of tests on a daily basis. But, I am a sucker for white so what can I say.

  16. Dear Jen,
    It’s just that mess that makes a house a home… A home always tidy and clean it’s more like a museum, don’t you think?
    Hugs from Italy,

  17. Love this post–I did a similar one awhile back. I agree the Ikea white slipcovers are awesome! I am all about the Oxyclean too–though I find the power paks are stronger and so I always use those. Love the real life pictures–enjoy your couch!

  18. Thanks for sharing your tips, Jen! I’m a HUGE fan of IKEA and have loved the Ektorp line forever … just wish that we had an IKEA closer because I’d love a few chairs to come home with me! I’m definitely bookmarking this post so I’ll be ready to go! I’m still loving your fabulous new room, too! (And, lol, thanks for keeping it real)!

  19. Jen, I am a huge lover of white sofas. In fact, I am really considering it for my home. I know I will never get around to removing slipcovers and washing them. After all these years, I really know myself. Do you know if outdoor upholstery fabric in white would work well? Thanks, Linda

  20. Hi Jen,

    I have a white sectional (leather) in my family room and I’ve also got white slip covered furniture. I’ve raised two kids and have two dogs.. need I say MORE:)? Oxy Clean is a must and I’ve never regretted by purchase. Your sofa is gorgeous and you will enjoy the slip cover.

    I’ve been MIA because of issues but I’m up and running again with a new look on my blog. It’s so good to be back!


  21. Jen, thanks so much for posting the info about your white sectional. You are the second blogger who has said they LOVE it and that it is very comfortable and washes up nicely. How often do you wash your slipcover?

  22. Murph is adorable, though I can understand the problems he may cause!
    We have a white sofa and have now had it for what? 12 years? It survived kids and dog and has lived to tell about it! Being able to wash the slipcovers is essential in life!

    BTW: I loved the post on Cutting Edge Stencils. I’ve looked at their site before and now I may actually order!

  23. I have the same set up/white slip covered Ektorp loveseat and “L” shaped sofa/chaise from IKEA with white slipcovers. Its truly wonderful to be able to wash them once a month and have everything be fresh and clean! I have a college student/renter who eats/snacks while doing homework on the loveseat, a fiance who is a mechanic and five cats so slipcovers made sense. I use Mrs Stewart’s Bluing agent to keep my white covers glowingly white – but I will try oxiclean too!
    Recently i have been toying witht he idea of dying the slipcovers the palest shade of hydrangea blue with RIT dye….just to add some color but still keep it light and airy.

  24. I was just about to send you an email to ask about your sofa.
    I have a tan sofa slip covered sofa and it is stained all the time. We are looking to purcshase a sectional sofa for our new house. I want a white sofa but not sure if I can “sell” the hubby on it.

    I love your “lived in” photos! Very sweet shots of your little guy and Murph too!

  25. I had horrible cheap slip covers on some ugly chairs years ago. Every time we sat down, they would shift and move and we’d have to tuck and fluff!

    These look great – nice tight fit. I would definitely give them a try – I’m looking for something for my girls playroom. A place where there will be lots of buttered popcorn fingers – so this would be perfect!

    And I feel the same way – a living room is for living! So what if we only have that picture perfect room only occasionally!


  26. I love your living room — your living room looks like mine, but I think yours is wider. Our front door opens into our living room like yours but our living room is only about 12 feet wide. I still can’t figure out how to furnish it!

  27. Thanks for the tips. I too, have white slipcovered sofas. A little Clorox and a wash every two weeks has always worked well for me.
    With a 97 pound Boxer pup…. I am a pro at cleaning. LOL! and he’s a pro at making a mess.
    I love the photo of your Terrier Murph!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Your newest follower,

  28. I have toyed with the idea of slipcovers for a while now, and I think you may have tipped the scale for me. We are currently building a big family room addition, and I need a sectional – such good stuff to know. Happy Friday from the enchanted oven.

  29. I love that you love your sectional. I bought an IKEA Ektorp slipcovered white sofa that is easy to maintain as well; however, my family has voted it the MOST uncomfortable seating in the world. I hated to give in to their nagging, but I’m afraid it’s true. Going on five years, slipcover looks new but 1/2 way into a movie I get dirty looks. I’m in my wicker pillow-seated chair. I will finally sofa shop for one with springs and non-polyester wrapped cushions. Looks great but feels terrible; I wish you lots of luck. It sounds more comfortable than mine! Harriett

  30. As another mom of 2 boys and 2 goldens, I loved this post! I’ve gone to all white in our living room and think that it’s easier to maintain than a linen or gray slipcovered sofa. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Angie, good luck with your purchase:). Let me know how you make out. Have a great Sunday!

  31. Just ordered one last week and being delivered July 2nd. Feel better about my decision after reading this! thanks

    1. Yay you! I think you will LOVE it:). I came home from vacation to find my dog layed on it the entire time we where gone, it was dirty. Threw covers in wash, good as new:) Good Luck, Jen

  32. I love your stacked baskets for a side table. Are those Pottery Barn, or did you find them somewhere cheaper?

  33. love love live this couch. sadly i cant find it on Ikea’s wesite. any ideas on where to find a slip cover soffa like yours for a great price? 🙂 thanks from NC !!!

  34. Hi! We are considering two slipcovered sofas right now and I am soaking up your wisdom here. Quick question…you mention the Oxiclean Laundry Spray for “quick spot cleaning”. Does this mean you use that on the spot when a spill happens to clean the mess up? I was under the impression that this product was to sprayed on before machine washing. Would love your insight here.

    Thanks so much!

  35. I love your coffee table! Where did you get it? I have the same couch and am styling the room in a very similar color scheme.

  36. I also have a white Ektorp IKEA sofa & I love it. Unfortunately I don’t appreciate that they are scrimping on their fabric. Did you also have the flimsy white j-cloth like fabric in area which are not visible? Mine have split, etc. the zipper pulls have come off & they’ve always been washed in a front load LG washer. They gave me a $30 gift card to settle this. My plans are to sew in some new inserts. At the moment we’re discussing a similar yet different situation with IKEA. We have a 3 seater Ektorp sofa with a lovely cranberry red slipcover .. we love it but they have inserted some flimsy grey j-cloth like fabric & it’s deteriorating, crumbling, etc. I’ve never seen anything like this & it’s yet to be washed. At this time they’ve agreed to take it back & upon receipt of the slipcover will reship a new one. Unless consumers continue to harp at them, how will they change? Let’s wait and see what happens now?

  37. instead of using all those chemicals you might try baking soda and some Mule Team Borax, Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Washing Soda and Fels Naptha Laundry Bar for stain removal to do the cleanup on the slip covers.
    its must easier on the fabric you get the same if not better results without the expense.
    Most Targets have it.

  38. Great choice of sectional. I have owned the same one for almost 9 years. I have only had to buy one new cover and you are right! At 99 bucks for a new cover you can’t go wrong. I also bought the ottoman, The cover for that is a mere $20 so I don’t freak out when my cats use the ottoman as a scratchy toy! I buy 3 or 4 at a time when I visit Ikea. I too use Oxi Clean when I wash the covers, however, I use to use Snowy. I believe it was created to keep baby clothes super white. Came in a pink box. I can’t find it anymore. If you come across it buy a 100 boxes!!!! Trust me! I will buy half of your stash for… name it! Stuff is that good!!! Also, quick question..then I will totally shut up. Do you find yourself having to vacuum the sofa daily with the dog? I have two cats and vacuum EVERY day. One of my cats is grey. At times my sofa looks down right scary.

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  40. I want this Ikea Ektorp sofa. HOWEVER.. There is no Ikea near me, so my daughter and daughter in law visited the one in Tampa for me and sat on the Ektorp sectional. They loved the look, but felt that for my 6’4″ husband, it may feel too short in the seat depth and height. I’m ready to order it, but have reservations based on their comments. For those of you who have one, what do you think? THANKS!

    1. HI Linda, The depth is short, did he sit in it? I think that is best way to test it. Otherwise I love mine:). Jen

    2. My husband and I did not buy that sofa for that exact reason. We decided on an more expensive sofa just because we knew it would be part of our family for a long time to come. If it was just me I would have been more than happy with the size. But then I barley clear 5 feet. 🙂

      1. Suzi, I am so glad you love your slipcover! It is more work buy I LOVE having a clean sofa too. So happy my post helped you to make a decision that was best for you. Happy Fall, Jen

  41. I can hardly imagine someone 6’4″ sitting comfortably on my Ektorp …. I’m 5:6″ and sit comfortable on it.

  42. I just got the same sectional and love it as well! Love the pillows and coffee table, your room is so complete! Where did you find your coffee table?

  43. Hi Jen, I have been wanting a white couch forever, but always afraid to take the plunge. I also have two kids and a 4 year old Wheaten Terrior. But, you have set my heart at ease. Your living room has such an airy fresh, and beautiful look. This gives me hope that I can do it too. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Carolyn,
      I love it!!! I didn’t think I would & everyone said I was crazy but I couldn’t imagine not being able to wash my couch now. It’s 2 years now and still looks amazing, I have washed the slipcover at least a dozen times, prob more too. My wheatie is the worst offender, lol. Enjoy the rest of your summer-Jen

  44. I was looking into buying my dream sofa, a white slip cover sectional. I read your article and several others before I made the big plunge. I am so glad I went ahead and did it! I have 3 boys ages 36, 4 and 22 months a large boxer and 2 cats. After I made the purchase I thought I had lost my mind. Nope. I am very happy with my decision. I think everyone with kids needs a slip cover sofa! I spilled a cup of coffee with cream and sugar on the base of the couch within the first month. No problem. I took it off washed it in warm/cold water with oxy clean and dye free detergent and softener and it came out perfect. I have to admit that purchasing a white couch does mean that I have to work harder to keep the floors in my home extra clean and I have to do daily cleanings on my sofa to keep it clean and freash. I was going through too many lint rollers so I purchased the Shark hand held vacuum made for pet hair. I love it! I also got the shark steam dewrinkler to give it a wrinkle free look. A white sofa has to be a piece of furniture you are willing to put love and care into, but for me the extra work is worth it. I also know that I have the cleanest sofa in the neighborhood. 🙂

  45. I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing =) =) I do have a question! I’ve heard that white sofas will get stained from new blue jeans? Have you sat on these with new/unwashed jeans & it still comes out of the wash? That’s the only thing keeping me from choosing this sofa!! Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks so much!

  46. We had the same sectional for several years (but went tan instead of white). When we moved, we gave it away and the next family is enjoying it. A real bargain! I still have a pair of the Ektorp chairs, and they are on their second set of slipcovers. After reading your blog, I’m going to get brave and go white on the next set.


  47. Hate to ask but do you still like your IKEA couch? I’m afraid to buy from there being that the quality may not be there! Has it held up? Do the cushions keep their shape?

    1. Nicole, we are going on 2 years now & we love it. We have one in the playroom too. The cushions have held up better than other expensive choices but they are still foam but for the price I have been very satisfied. I would shop around, def go sit in it. If you find a better deal on something that has more than just foam in cushion then go for it. Good luck!

  48. I just washed my Ikea slipcovers for the first time. Mine came out of the wash with areas of discoloration in various spots. I’m so sad. Not sure what I should do next. Try washing again? It looks bleached in a few areas, thought I didn’t use any bleach at all.

    1. Huh, not sure Kristy, that never happened to me. Maybe try washing it again, add everything first then your slipcover. It should come out better:). Jen

    2. I came here to ask if that ever happened to you (the discoloration) and I just saw this comment!! Mine did the same! I even tried adding bleach (AFTER the discoloration with just detergent & Oxyclean)! Please let me know if your spots ever faded or went away – and if so, HOW?

      1. I came here to ask the same question. The first time I washed mine they came out with a few brighter, “bleached” spots. I only used detergent. More appear each time I wash them so I’m unsure of how to fix it and I can’t imagine they will fade. Also, makes me hesitant to purchase new, colored covers. I wonder if my detergent is too harsh? I still love them but it is a tad disappointing.

        1. I think my problem is I have a low water washer that does not dilute the detergent as regular washers do. So basically I’m throwing the covers on top of detergent and allowing them to seep into the fabric and I guess bleaching them. I’m going to switch to pods when cleaning the covers from now on.

  49. Loved your article….. I too bought white furniture, but stressed about it……my kids are grown but my hubby is messy and my daughter in college likes to eat in the family room UGH……I bought white slipcovers too and love the look! I have the same products on hand also lol…..great minds think alike I guess. By the way, your room looks gorgeous! I accented with lime green and purples for a totally different look.

  50. I am considering buying the IKEA sectional. I currently have a very expensive navy blue suede couch which is a mess. I have 4 grandchildren who visit daily, 2 dogs an a black cat that sheds every time he breathes!!

    Are you still happy with your IKEA sofa?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.


  51. Is there any kind of product I can use to “spot” treat the cover while on the couch? I’m considering the one you have, BUT my kitties use walnut cat litter which leaves brown dust on their feet. What a disaster on my white bed linens!!! Wondering if any kind of spot treatment will lessen my having to remove the cover in between washings. I’m wondering if a white slipcovered couch is a disaster waiting to happen with my dirty kitties!!

  52. I have the Blekinge White slipcovers on an Ektorp corner sofa and chairs, we love them! Ordered them online due to small car space, and the boxes were delivered in just a week. The sectional is extraordinarily comfortable, terrific for a cozy nap. Way more comfortable and is holding up better than the expensive Arhaus sofa that I hate myself for splurging on. I use a lint roller as needed and vacuum it once a week. We wash it once every quarter or so, it really is great. I love knowing that it’s clean, because I can ‘see’ when it’s not. Grosses me out to think that all my other furniture gathers dust and dirt but hides it better…
    The 6’5” family member is always laying on it, he loves it, but for extended upright sitting, a tall person would benefit from a deeper sofa? Also be aware that newspapers and dark unwashed denim will transfer, it does wash out however. My cat is especially fond of sleeping on it, hence the lint roller 😉
    I change the pillows seasonally, room always looks crisp and fresh! During the holidays, I change covers to red and that makes the transition back to white even more refreshing and fun in the new year. Do not hesitate, it is a fun sofa that makes me not fear my nieces’ sticky hands or my husky’s endless shedding and dirty paws…dog is not supposed to be on sofa, but the evidence has shown up occasionally, a white sofa tells all! But a quick wash of a cushion cover or two and we’re back in business.

    1. I’m not too sure how long you’ve had your slipcovers but are you experiencing any deterioration of the flimsy fabric which is hidden from view … I had to return our red slipcovers as the grey material disintegrated and I’m not too sure how the replacement will stand up to washings … the one I returned had never been washed. My white slipcovers have broken zipper pulls, the flimsy fabric is split, etc.
      But all in all, I do love our Ektorp sofas … we have both a 3 seater and a two seater ….

      1. That’s awful, Skateroo! I would be so upset if mine fell apart, I like to think IKEA would replace, but maybe I am too optimistic?
        I have washed the red covers before in warm with a front-loading machine with no problems, put them back on when 50% dry, no issues yet but they are only used for two weeks at Christmas so I think maybe that’s just not much time yet. The grey under-cushion is super-thin and I could see how it could tear really easily. I saw on the tag to not iron the squares of thin fabric under the cushions, but I don’t iron my covers anyway, wrinkle release spray works fine for lazy me.
        Your post tells me I need to be more careful with my covers, right now the fabric feels sturdy, but if you’re experiencing splits, I am sure I will have them soon, too. That stinks!

    2. I agree 100%, I LOVE mine too!!! Thank you for your thoughtful comment, I am sure it will be helpful for others too;)!

  53. Do the covers take a lot more time to dry after you put them on damp? or does any of the dampness seep into the cushions? I absolutely love the white couch and I have 2 boys, a dog and a cat so I am starting to look into this couch!!

    1. Hi Jody, thank you! I bought it at Lowes a long time ago, its a mocha shag from Shaw, I think:).

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  55. Jen…just where can I find this couch? I Love it!! I’m in Austin, tx. I really love your whole room…you did a fabulous job in decorating! I’m sure it was not a job…but love of decorating!

    1. Thank you so much Penelope. I probably should have mentioned that in the post but its actually from IKEA! Its the Ektorp sofa with a linen slipcover from Comfort Works. Your sweet words are so appreciated! Have a great day! Jen

  56. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m saving up for a white Ektorp and I can’t wait!! Toddler and giant Old English Sheepdog and all! 🙂 What are your thoughts on using scotch guard on the sofa to help with stain prevention? I’ve never used it before, but wondering if anyone out there has tried it and still been able to wash the cover!

  57. My family must be the messiest on the planet 🙁 I made the daring choice of buying white dining chair slip covers. The look great for about 30 seconds until there is mac and cheese or red sauce hand prints all over them, They are easy to clean, but I don’t bother since it doesn’t last. I clean just before company comes over, but god forbid someone stops by unannounced! Does anyone have any advice for keeping them clean between washes — I tried scotchguard, which helped the stains come off easier, but they are still getting just as messy (plus I have to reapply the scotchguard after every wash)

  58. Wonderful post! But random question, where did you get those square baskets?? Im looking for something exactly like that for my living room.

  59. I just bought a PB white slipcovered couch, I washed the seat cushions the other day. Hugh mess! Come out with blue spots from fabric softener. Washed 3 times to get out. Do you FS? If so which one? Also do u keep seat cushions zipped up or open when washing? Thanks so much

    1. I would just use the fabric cloths. I have always left them open and haven’t had a problem but zipping might better. Have you tried Oxy Clean to get the spots out? I am so sorry, I never had a problem with that. Make sure you put them on damp so they stretch, that’s the only big tip I have:). Hope this helps! Jen

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