Blogger Homes & Apartment Therapy Feature

Good Morning!
Spring is in the air & I couldn’t be happier.
How about you?
A few weeks ago I was emailed by Shannon from AKA Design,
asking if I would be up for sharing a few rooms in my home for her new website,
And of course I said, yes;)!
Shannon, along with her husband Dean share a love for home design, especially, affordable & thrifty alternatives for creating beautiful spaces.
You can read about them HERE.
The idea behind Blogger Homes, was to create a one stop place where you could find all of your favorite Home Design Bloggers and browse their stunning homes for inspiration.
What an incredible idea, right?
Here are a few gorgeous spaces from their site.
gray white yellow accents
traditional master bathroom
rustic chic bedroom
eclectic living room
eclectic kitchen
bold farm house living
gallery wall
modern country dining room 2
Beautiful, right?!
These are just a few homes, be sure to visit,
Blogger Homes to view all of their featured bloggers and their beautifully decorated homes.
If you would like to be featured on Blogger Homes,
click HERE to submit a room.  
On another note,
“Wahoo,” was the actual sound I uttered(loudly) when I found out,
geeky but TRUE!
The crazy thing is this idea came from a long few days of missteps,
I was so desperate to make this table stand out but blend with the rest of the room.
I had no idea that I would receive so many nice comments,
And to be featured at Apartment Therapy that is the cherry on top!
So if you are working on a project this week that has you frustrated,
take a step back & don’t give up.
Pinned Image
Have a Happy Day!



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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my wall in your post!! You Rock!! Love your blog!!

    I’d be overjoyed to be featured in Apartment Therapy….I’m pretty excited to be featured in a post with AT in the post title. 🙂

  2. Congrats on both your features! Can’t wait to check this out it sounds fun…I’ve always been a bit of a window peeper!

  3. Congrats on the AT feature – it is a really beautiful table!!! Thank you again for talking about the new site!
    AKA Design & Blogger Homes

  4. Your home is so beautiful and you are so talented! I love when I see your pictures pop up everywhere. I say ‘wahoo’ in my heart every time I see them!

  5. I am extremely impressed with your blog. Thanks for giving such a nice news. Really it’s so lovely apartment Therapy. I will must trying it in my new apartment which is I bought from

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