House Hunting

So for a while now my husband & I have been house hunting. This house is in the village of Sayville, my husband commutes to NYC so it’s a little closer. We still love where we live now, Bellport so we may end buying there.
But for now this is the house that has caught my eye.
I love this door, it’s the original with the “Letter” pocket. As like staircases I adore doors. I like to think about all who have come and gone in it’s over 100 year existance.

Ahhh, just beautiful!!!!

The details in this house are in amazing condition. Look at this door and the moldings. And who could overlook the original stunning glass knob.

Floors definately need to be sanded, much needs to be done, but look at these columns.

Again, original door with the skeleton key, probably not too safe but very cool!

Dining room, I can picture my table & chairs and big family dinners.

Ok, this is the problem area, it needs a little rearranging, lots of paint but what potential! I love how the frig always seems to just be hanging out all by it’s lonesome in these old houses. Love the windows, not crazy about looking at someone else’s A/C but…..

Huge front porch with half of it screened in, pretty cool. With all the bugs here it’s a valuable space to have. A little settling has occurred but that is to be expected.

Diamond in the rough.

Stay tuned……

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  1. You’re bringing back such memories! I loved Sayville, such a charming town with a lot of lovely old houses.

    Love the house that’s caught your eye and that porch is fabulous! Good luck in the search!

  2. LOVE this house!!! It has so many details and it doesn’t look like you would have to do that much!! Jealous of all the choices of great old homes you have there!!!

  3. Oooohhhh! I love Sayville!!!! It’s less then a 10 minute ride for me and it’s my little “escape” to get a starbucks and walk around town! Good luck…the house looks beautiful!

  4. I love the home… how exciting! The details are amazing and I love doors as well! Something about them!!!! and I loved your Sundays post!!!

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