I found this image the other day under “friendship.” It took a second look for me to get it. I thought it was quietly beautiful and it reminded me of unity. We are all connected in someway, “tied” together if you will. It is sort of how I view the blog world, women(for the most part in my world) helping, supporting other women. That is how it should be, life is short and we are all in this together and we have so much to offer each other.

Building of what I wrote about in an earlier blog about “paying it forward”, I truly believe that if you are a good person and you do good things that good things will come your way, they may take some time but eventually they do.

My thought for the day is “UNITY”

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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  1. What a beautiful post! You know it really is simple, be kind and treat people right and the rest will follow.

    Thanks for the visit and I never did visit any of the wineries when I lived on Long Island…but I did have plenty of the wine! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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