Project Mantle

The other day I came home with a great find for above my mantle, the broken clock face.  I had to sit on the it for a few days & re-work the accessories.  I think that it the hardest part about design, finding that balance of heights, textures, colors & placement. But it is also the most fun, accessories can pull a room together, give it character & warmth and make the space feel unified.

These worn glass bottles were found while at the beach.
The idea that these had been floating & kicking around the bay for decades and washed up fully intact blows me away.
Lavender & Wooley Thyme fill the planters

O for our Monogram & on the opposite side in the same frame, EST. 2003.

Each large frame on either side of the clock holds an original letter from my great grandfather and great grandmother to my grandfather while he was fighting in WW2. 
The letters capture their unwavering and unconditional love & support they had for him.
I treasure these so I thought I would showcase them.

I LOVE collecting shells!
  I adore the colors, textures and shapes, each one unique & different.  Through the years our collection has grown quite large, so I like to display them whenever possible in glass jars.
A day at the beach hasn’t been a DAY at the beach without pockets full of shells.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
I leave you with this quote…..
Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but   how much love we put in that action.
Mother Teresa


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