Part Of The Family

Today, I am thankful we have a dog. Right around dinner time most nights I hear “mommy can you play with me?” Well last night I sent Murphy(our dog) and Shane out to the backyard and they ran each other ragged. Murphy slept like a baby, I wish I could say the same for Shane but… can’t have everything. As much work as he is, he is part of the family. I had a dog growing up and it was a very special part of my childhood. I hope it will be for Shane too.
Anyone see “Marley & Me?” I cried like a baby.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    It was so nice to meet you the other day, and I think your blog is great!
    If you are still interested in the Brooklyn Flea Market, you can find out all of the info at, and you want to hit the one in Fort Green. Eric Denby is the guy to speak to.
    Let me know how it turns out!

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