Skinny Watermelon-Basil Martini (Under 100 Calories)

Happy summer friends, it’s official!! We have 2 days left of school here on Long Island but they are only half days, so I am already feelin the summer vibe. I am eager to hit the beach, go for a swim, take it all at a slower pace and maybe enjoy a cocktail or 2. This year more than ever I am committed to watching what I put into my body. I realize in my 40’s that what I eat directly impacts how I feel. That means keeping it natural and trying to keep the sugars down as much as possible. So I have come up with a clean and refreshing summer cocktail that is under 100 calories, all natural (besides the vodka) and guilt free, a Skinny Watermelon-Basil Martini.

I have been working with a trainer for almost 2 years and right from the start she asked me to cut out the sugar. That was/is super tough for me to do but I did cut it down by more than half. With that my tolerance for it has lessened and I find myself craving cleaner tasting beverages and food. With that being said I wanted to create a summer drink that didn’t take me off track with my health & fitness goals for the summer season.

This cocktail is delicious and easy to so simple to make….

Skinny Watermelon-Basil Martini Under 100 Calories. Perfect summer cocktail!

Skinny Watermelon-Basil Martini:

fresh watermelon juice (1 small to medium watermelon will give you about 8 cocktails)

basil (3-4  leaves per cocktail, can reuse)



food processor (you can also do it with a hand masher)

martini shaker



martini glassesSkinny Watermelon-Basil Martini Under 100 Calories. Perfect summer cocktail!

Take your watermelon and scoop out chunks with a melon or ice cream scooper.  Throw it into a food processor or you can use a hand masher for potatoes. I do a small watermelon at one time. Then pour it through a strainer. Take your juice and pour it into a sealable container, I bought a few glass ones from Ikea to store and take to the beach. It usually stays good for a few days.

Take your martini shaker and fill it with ice. Add into the shaker 1 shot of vodka and 2 shots of fresh watermelon juice. Muddle 3-4 basil leaves and add those as well. Shake it really well so it’s super cold. Pour into martini glass, garnish with basil and enjoy!

Skinny Watermelon-Basil Martini Under 100 Calories. Perfect summer cocktail!

Simple right?

Skinny Watermelon-Basil Martini (Under 100 Calories). Perfect summer cocktail!This is so yummy, trust me! And the best part, you won’t feel guilty!!!

Have a happy day!!

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  1. This is such an easy recipe! It’s always fun to have summer cocktails and this recipe makes it seems easy and realistic – not to mention it sounds delicious!

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