A Change Of Plans & An Unexpected Find

When I woke up this morning I had a plan.

Go to Lowes, take Jack for his 2 yr visit, go food shopping, go to Home Goods,……….Yup & there the day went. 

I had been looking to change my mantle probably since I moved in but other things seemed more important. 

Recently I decided what I wanted over the fireplace, a non-working clock face.  I was inspired years ago by a friend who did her whole wall in antique clock faces, it was beautiful! A few months back at a thrift store I found a clock face, in french it said “time is a liar.” It now hangs in my dining room. I love the notion that the amount of time isn’t as important as how or who we choose to spend it with.

Today I found a damaged clock, it was the perfect size and colors.I took it home and started washing it with white & gray and then sanding it.  I like when things look “naturally” aged. 

Well see but for today this is the best it is going to get.

The Before
The After

A nice change for spring. 
Happy Monday!

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