Today is a Gift

I am reminded today of what a gift it is to be alive.
I woke up this morning to “mom can I come in your bed?” My husband was getting ready for work and I was half asleep, gladly I said “sure.” My son Shane wanted to talk about his Halloween costume. Realizing he wasn’t going back to sleep I got up out of bed to get a much needed cup of coffee, I stood up and looked over at him and he was smiling at me, I thought these are the moments! I am a lucky woman to be here for this morning with my son.
Could you ever imagine not being there for those simple everyday moments with your child or children?
Three years ago today my sister past away unexpectedly leaving behind 3 children; a young boy and 2 teenage girls. My sister was an AMAZING mother, there for her children every step of the way. She was their biggest cheerleader and greatest fan.
They lost someone extraordinary that day, their lives will be forever altered and eternally changed. She loved them so immensely and they knew that everyday. Though she is gone the love she gave will transcend time and death. Those little everyday moments will be remembered and forever cherished and in years to come will be told in a story to her grandchildren or even their children.
Her legacy of love will live on and not be forgotten.
Be grateful today for all of you who are mothers and fathers. Embrace this day with your children, do something unexpected with them, for them. Hug them a little longer, tell them how much you love them, be in the moment with them, take it in, the way they look, the way they smell, their laugh, their smile and savor it.
Feel blessed you are here to encourage them to follow their hopes and dreams, to be unique, strong, confident, kind and generous in spirit. We get one shot at this to shape these young people, everyday counts, everyday matters, everyday means something extraordinary to them.
We get so caught up in our daily lives and the day to day grind of life (me included) that we forget to embrace each day and all the blessings and the people we are lucky enough to love and love us.
In memory of my dearly loved and deeply missed sister Jacquelin and in honor of her children feel lucky for this day with your children and loved ones, make it count, make it mean something.
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why they call it “The Present.”

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  1. Jen..I am on the plane reading your post and it is so very beautiful! I don’t think I knew about your sister. Thank you for the reminder…when I get home I am actually going to print this out. I love your heart and the woman you are.

  2. I just feel embraced by you and this post… my 6 yr old lost her first tooth today at school and when she hopped into the car at pick up and smiled and said do you notice anything different about me and i saw the missing tooth right away and I oohhed and ahhhhed it was such a big deal to her I am so glad i didn’t miss that moment! thank you for this amazing post!!
    big hugs and happy “present” day,

  3. What a beautiful and thought provoking post. Sorry about your sister. I have to remind myself to slow down and soak up the little moments in life with those I love and cherish…these moments are really all that matters.

    Hugs to you!!

  4. Thanks for the lovely reminder. I needed that today. I am so fortunate to be at home with my kiddos and I am always saying how fast they are growing up and how much I need to really enjoy those little moments. It is so true.

  5. what a beautiful tribute to your sister. i’m sorry, you must miss her so much. thank you for the beautiful reminder, we do tend to get caught up in the day to day. i know there are times, those little moments you spoke of that you just want to freeze and remember forever. sending hugs to you, susan

  6. hi there

    I just found your blog today,I notice you haven’t been online in almost a year,you must be a busy mom! Just encase you check in I wanted to let you know how much I needed to read this post today! thanks 🙂
    I will be using the last line as my facebook status today!

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