New Site & Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Welcome to my  new site!

What do you think???

This has been about a month in the planning & I have to say I am so thrilled:)!

In honor of a new beginning & fresh start,

I thought I would take this FIRST post to share some things about me,

that maybe you didn’t know…..

Lets start with favorites-

– Word….



Southold, NY

founders septemeber 026pm

-Time of Day….


-Color To Wear…

Emerald Green

– Colors To Decorate With…

Whites, Creams, Organic Colors, Beach Blues


– Shows….

Revenge & Nashville

(I know totally opposite huh..)

– Movies….

The Holiday, The Family Stone, Something’s Gotta Give, It’s  Complicated

(do you see a pattern? I am a big sucker for feel good movies)




Healthy Appetizers

Some other things……

I adore my dad!

We have been through a lot together.

He has lost so much through the years & yet he remains an ETERNAL optimist.

He is generous, kind,  incredibly smart & so fair.

Halloween 2011 satrfish 022 (3)pm

 I was voted class dreamer in HS.

(Seems fitting:))

My first car (I bought myself) was a white  VW Cabriolet, remember those?

It was such a lemon, but it was fun while it lasted:).

I loved being pregnant…..

(after the morning sickness subsided.)

shane & jack

I met my husband in Las Vegas….

This has been a long running joke but he was actually a friend of a friend.

I am way more  country than city. pm

I like simple.

I like the smell of old….does that make me strange?

We lived in Colorado for 6 years & loved every minute.

We had a beautiful brand new home in an amazing neighborhood.

This dear friend lived around the corner form me.

1st housepm

A perfect day…..

would be at the beach with my boys & husband either at dusk or off season

or… a picnic in the country at a vineyard.


I like sweets…a lot:)

My bedroom is always the last room to be cleaned.

We have moved 7 times in the last 1o years,

phew that makes me tired just thinking about it but…it was an adventure.

And still is:).

That’s what LIFE  it is supposed to be, right?

Thanks for letting me ramble:).

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Jen, just stopping in to say and congrats on the new ( AND old) blog…. You are very inspiring to me, I am totally new to this whole DIY blogging thing, and when I discovered it I felt like I had an OMG moment…

    ” You mean there are others like me out there? You mean its not weird to have dolled up your bedroom, and fluffed the bed just so- and then take pictures of it????”

    Thanks for sharing your list of fav’s….Some of my favorite things are: Baskets, Pillows, Throws, Candles and wood Cutting boards. A slight addiction maybe… Is there a 12 Step Program for that?

    I feel like I am at home- In your home. Maybe someday when I figure out the blog aspect I’ll actually be able to post and share my photos and Ideas too, until then glad to watch yours evolve!


    >^..^< LIZ

    1. Liz, thank you, that was such a thoughtful comment! I am so happy to have you following along with me:), Have a great night!

  2. The new look is wonderful! I bet it feels so good to get a little blog make-over, I need to do this too:) And I enjoyed getting to know you better. I also have two boys so I loved the shot of your guys together on the beach, and also the photo of your Dad. He has such a sweet face.

  3. …your new site looks very fresh and clean :)…..loved reading some things about yourself… first car (that I bought myself as well) was a white VW Cabriolet!!!! 🙂 with red and white interior……L.O.V.E.D that car!!!!!! Thanks for sharing yourself and your lovely home with us……

  4. Jenn, I’m so glad you decided to go ahead and use Jen for your new site! I love it, so modern and clean. I know she was busy moving and all that but I’m glad you love it! Curious.. Did you tell her I referred you?

    1. Thanks Jen! I hope you guys are fairing ok with the clean up. Thinking of you & your family:).

  5. Jen, it looks amazing! Girl, you are on a roll- keep it up! You definitely have talent and determination!

  6. I love simple things too – more so as time goes by. I never met a candy I didn’t like (unfortunately for my thighs) and I’m an emerald green girl too! Life is definitely an adventure – here’s to more fun times!

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