Every Once In A While

Every once in a while in the fall on Long Island we get a surprise, an Indian Summer day. When this happens we take full advantage because the winters can be long, wet, cold and rough!
Not too bad for a day in November -68 degrees.
So we headed to the beach, the Atlantic Ocean. It’s my favorite place to go on a mild day. Lots of sounds, breathtaking views, the smell of salt water in the air and lots of shells, beach glass and drift wood(for signs). My son Shane.
Amazing, just beautiful!

Entertainment for the whole family and it’s free!

Nothing like a little weekend volleyball game on the beach in November to relieve a little stress.

Me 6 months pregnant and it’s a boy. Another little boy, Shane is pretty excited as are we.

My son-the jumper. I guess it’s a phase but thank goodness for these sand drifts it wore him out! He slept good.

Some shells for the baby’s room, I am thinking a beachy cottage feel would be nice.

Shane and I.

Ta da!

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  1. Beautiful pics! We have been having some great weather on LI – I’ve been enjoying it too! So sorry to read about your sister, but what a great post. Hope you’re feeling better now. Lots of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  2. Awww what a wonderful day for your family. You captured the moment perfectly! Loved seeing you pregnant… congrats on the news of a son…. Shane is going to be a great big brother!!!

  3. how sweet! you have a beautiful family and a new baby soon, what a blessing. my baby is almost four it goes so quickly. hope you are well, susan

  4. Your pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had so much fun.

    I spent many hours collecting shells on the beach when I was young. They are so beautiful.

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