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This Year’s Holiday Theme-Coastal Niece Christmas

Calling all Nancy Meyers fans! A few posts back, I introduced you to the main character of my novel House in Bloom, Dhalia Newberry. She is the “coastal niece” of Lil Prescott. With the recent coastal decorating trends following Coastal Grandmother and Coastal Grandaughter, I thought it would be fun to do a Coastal Niece Christmas, aka Cozy Coastal Christmas.

This Year's Holiday Theme-Coastal Niece Christmas. City Farmhouse by Jennifer O'Brien

What makes “Coastal Niece” style different from the other styles? Well, there’s a few things. She’s a bit of an outlier, so anything she’s inherited has been hard-earned and is deeply treasured. She’s nostalgic and romantic not because it’s cool but because she’s rooted in the past. She is a rule breaker who embraces imperfections. Sure, she likes her linen, florals, and stripes, but she’s also not afraid to wear a leather biker jacket and combat boots.


She is also the fictional niece of Erica Barry from Something’s Gotta Give. Do you see where I’m going with this? She’s a bit of a chameleon when it comes to her home as well as her personal style. She most often prefers animals over people and coffee over tea. If there’s a choice between new or vintage, it’s old and women all the way. She fancies the smell of old books, flowers, and anything time-worn. She is an old soul at heart, who, despite having an unconventional childhood, still believes in happy endings.

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Oh, and she would prefer an old beach house any day over something new and modern. So, with that all being said, I’ve created a mood board and resources for A Coastal Niece Christmas. It’s playful, calming and cozy. The palette consists of blues, browns, and neutrals with organic greens layered in. I mixed plaids, gingham, florals, and textures. There is a seamless juxtaposition of rattan, glass, and brass, along with nostalgic items.


The style can be simplified by saying it’s Serena and Lily meets a cool thrift store with elements of nature and the coast.


You can find the ribbon and bells on my Holiday Amazon Storefront.










Have a happy day, friend. Stay tuned!

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