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Make Your Own Outdoor Pillows The Easy Way

Hi there friends! It’s that time of year when we hit our favorite stores in search of the perfect outdoor accessories. After a LONG winter we are ready to make this entertaining season one to remember. Am I right?! I don’t know about you but I have a difficult time trying to find the right outdoor pillows. They all seem a little stiff and generic. Well, I have a solution and an easy way to make your own outdoor pillows!

Make Your Own Outdoor Pillows The Easy Way-With H & M Pillow CoversI have a closet full of pillow covers from Etsy, H & M, West Elm, Pottery Barn, etc.. It is an easy way to update and fresh up a look from season to season without breaking the bank. So how can we take these pillow covers and make them outdoor proof? With one simple product, Rust-Oleum’s Never Wet.

Make your own outdoor pillows with one simple product

I bought pillow covers for this project from H & M, they have very inexpensive options that are on trend. I also picked up this cute fern lumbar pillow from Pottery Barn Outlet.

H & M has afordable, on trend pillow covers


It’s very simple! First, be sure to do this outdoors with gloves and a mask. Use a plastic drop cloth and be sure to keep away from children & pets while drying.

DIY Outdoor Pillows-So Easy!!!

Spray over entire piece of fabric and let dry outside overnight. It will cover about 4 pillows give or take. I also tested all of them with water, pretty awesome!

Waterproof outdoor pillows, an easy DIY!!!

You can see the bead of water was still there an hour later.Weather Proof!! Make Your Own Outdoor Pillows The Easy Way  It dries clear, no flakes or discoloration.

DIY OUtdoor Pillows!! An easy project to up your outdoor space. Living through very hot and humid summers, this is a game changer.DIY Outdoor Pillows City Farmhouse

Now, I just have to decide if they will go on my porch or backyard. What do you think?

Outdoor Pillows-Any Easy DIY

I am planning on introducing indigo into this collection but I am still on the hunt. You can see how versatile these pillows are. The black circled ones are actually 2.99 each right now, what a steal!! Click HERE to check them out.

A Pretty Color Scheme For Summer. Pottery Barn PiIlow.


Make Your Own Outdoor Pillows The Easy Way

Have a happy day!

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  1. Do you know how Never Wet works on chair cushions that people will be sitting on? Will chair cushions become too stiff or slick to be comfortable? Thank you.

    1. Hi Bonnie, the fabric actually feels the exact same after the application, which is great! Its meant for any outdoor use and it wouldn’t feel different as far as my experience goes. Good luck! Jen

  2. Great idea! Do you know if it will protect from discoloration and fading from the sun? Normal fabrics actually fade pretty quickly…even cheaper outdoor fabrics do. Thanks!

  3. Love that you tried this product, I have it pinned in my Pinterest account. What did you fill the pillows with? can you buy outdoor filling or can any filling work?

    1. Hi Charlene, I have used both but the poly holds up best, especially with any moisture and humidity. Good Luck!! Jen

  4. I have used this product for about 4 years. I love it ! I have sprayed all my pillows and out door cushions with it and it really works ! No more trying to guess what the weather will bring when I am out. No more bringing everything in at night . The water from precipitation or dew just beads up and dries in the morning sunshine with no evidence that there was ever a moisture issue.

    1. That is awesome to hear! I bought this last year but never used it. Do you feel you need to reapply at any point through the season?

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