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5 Reasons I Love My Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug

 Morning coffee in my favorite room-my front porch

    Summer is in full swing & I must say it feels good. Our winters are long, so we really enjoy the summer here on Long Island and make the most of living near the beach. We have been there almost everyday & I am feeling like myself again, ahhh…

Another reason I am feeling like me again, {besides not having a schedule} is because I get to spend mornings, my favorite time of the day, on my front porch. I get up early, 5-5:30 and sneak outside with my coffee, get under a blanket & watch the world wake up. It is my chance to think about the day ahead, to take time for gratitude and find some peace before the day begins {& I need to be everything to everyone:)}. My front porch is really an extension of my home, especially in the summer & fall. We sit out here as a family almost everyday, we do lunches, evening picnics & mini date nights. So this space needs to feel comfortable, inviting and practical. Designing this porch for summer means, lots of seating, cozy pillows, blankets, lighting, plants and practical{& pretty} outdoor rugs. It is a large space so multiple area rugs are a must. This year I decided it was time for new rugs and came across THESE stunning Dash & Albert rugs. It was LOVE at first sight. But of course I was worried, a. our porch gets drenched with rain b. we live of the east coast and that means HUMIDITY & c. I have boys d. and a dog.  I have been burned by “outdoor rugs” before but thought I had to at least give them a try, right?!

5 Reasons Why I love My Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug

I have had my Dash & Albert Outdoor rugs for about 2 months now and wanted to live with them for a while before I posted about them.

Here are 5 reasons I LOVE my Dash & Albert rugs…

1. They are pretty. I am not sure this should be #1 but we all know & love Dash & Albert rugs. They are classic, timeless and always on trend. Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug & Why I LOVE it, From Wayfair

2. They are incredibly comfortable. I have had outdoor rugs before and they feel like outdoor rugs, these feel soft underfoot. Lets face it, we are barefoot most of the summer so that is important.

Dash & Albert Diamond Platinum & White Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

 3. They are lightweight. Have you ever brought that perfect rug home and it didn’t fit under a doorway, what a pain in the neck, right? This rug, to my surprise does, yay!Summer Porch

4. They are super easy to clean. We have had lots of spills and it comes out instantly. I use a little Oxy Clean Laundry Spray in a cup with hot water and dab, that is it.

Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug

 5. They are mildew resistant!!!  This has been an ongoing problem for me out here, so when I lifted up my coffee table last night & found dark black mildew rings  under the legs I wanted to cry. “Not my Dash & Albert Rugs,” I said loudly, in my head. So I grabbed the Oxy Clean and prayed for a miracle. Instantly, it all came out, hallelujah! That has NEVER happened to me before.

Outdoor Living-Favorite Outdoor Rug of All Time

Summer Front Porch With Whites, Corals & Teal

The beautiful gray diamond pattern goes with everything.

Outdoor Living-Front Porch & Favorite Outdoor Rug

 This is REAL life in the  mornings. I head out there with my favorite owl mug {from West Elm} filled with coffee and just sit & take it all in.

Summer Porch & 5 Reasons I Love This Rug

Dash & Albert Diamond Outdoor Rug & Summer Porch

Front Porch June Wayfair 134

Dash & Albert Diamond Outdoor Rug & Summer Porch

We love across from the bay, down a long quiet street, so it’s very peaceful to sit out here any time of day.

Dash & Albert Diamond Outdoor Rug & Summer Porch

Morning coffee in my favorite room, my front porch

Dash & Albert Diamond Outdoor Rug & Summer Porch

Mix white wicker with worn wood for a crisp, cottage summer look

 This is a sponsored post by Wayfair, all opinions expressed are my own.

 Have a beautiful week!

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    1. Hi Carole, I am not sure how long it takes, it depends on the rain, maybe in sun a few hours. Thank you so much! Jen

  1. Jen love the rug – are the colors true to what you have pictured? Looks very light and exactly what I am looking for outside. Most rugs are light brownish tan.

    1. Hi Gay, the color is spot on:). It was just out watering & thinking the color is so light & bright even at dusk. Good luck! Jen

  2. What a lovely porch and view from the porch. The rug is very pretty and I am really interested in it since you talk about it being mildew resistant. I just moved to a new home with a front and back porch and I am so excited to decorate them. Living in Florida, mildew is a big concern. I just took my first trip to Long Island, and I am confident it will not be my last! You live in a lovely corner of the world! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and your lovely rug underfoot. I am pinning this to my porches board and would love it if you would come by on Sunday and share this at my new link party!

    1. Thank you Chloe! I hear you with the heat & humidity, these rugs are so great, I think you would be happy with them. You too, enjoy your summer as well. Jen

  3. Your porch is always so inspiring and you are lucky to have that view. I think it would be hard for me NOT to like any Dash and Albert rug -so many great patterns and quality too. I have a Dash and Albert blanket and love the quality and softness.Hopefully I will own a rug or two one day.

  4. I have that same rug for our doormat when you walk through the kitchen door and I agree, it’s awesome! I also have a D&A rug in our bathroom. The way I clean them is I just take them outside and spray with cleaner then power wash them with the hose. They look brand new afterwards! Your porch looks great, by the way! Jealous of that view…

  5. Is it the Diamond Platinum & White Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug by Dash and Albert Rugs? It looks so pretty. I love your porch.. so relaxing.

  6. I am just obsessed with what you’ve done with your patio!! Very cohesive and fun! I love this rug – very durable in our home as well.
    Could you tell me the following info on these products?
    1. Those two side by side white chairs (I found narrower ones at target but not the same as yours
    2. The tan pouf
    3.the tropical pillow (with the green, hot pink, andturquoise and
    4. that against the wall seating: did you make this!? Was it difficult?

    1. Danielle, thank you so much! The 2 chairs, Cost Plus, the pouf Target years ago, pillow Cost Plus and yes, that is a DIY from a Crib Mattress:). It was easy, I am hoping to share the tutorial soon. Have a great night, Jen

  7. Hi! I know this post was from well over a year ago…but I am currently shopping for a rug for my family room, and am curious about this one. I googled “dash and albert diamond platinum indoor/outdoor rug” and your post came up! I have not yet seen this rug in person, and unfortunately the swatch is not available to ship until after Thanksgiving (i’m hosting a turkey day party and really need a rug before then!). Can you tell me, in your opinion, if this rug would work well in a family room (which is part of a great room/kitchen)?? We are getting a dog in February, and have 2 toddlers…so the ability to clean a rug easily is top priority for me. But I’m worried this rug will not be comfortable/soft enough for my kids to sit and play on. What do you think?? Thank you SO much! -Chrissy

    1. Hi Chrissy, this rug is very neutral, will go with everything and is a dream to clean, what it has gotten out blew me away. It is very think, so you would need a rug pad, also the feel is pretty good. Its not course but it’s not cushy and plush. As far as durability A, comfort B-, but could be better with rug pad. I hope this helps!!! Happy Monday, Jen

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