How To Make A Barnwood Towel Rack for Under $1

Have you ever let something go for way too long?
Something that you looked at & used everyday
and thought, next week.
Then next week turns in to next month, etc…..
Well that is the story of my boys bathroom.
I am finally tackling it & decided to take it one project at a time.
Naturally, I began with the easiest project first:).
Last July, while at a yard sale up my road at my
neighbors quaint cottage,
I found a long piece of barnwood.
He charged me 75 cents, incredible right?
He told me that the cottage was once an old barn
& that the piece was from the original structure.
I went home a happy girl
stashed it away with my other pieces for future use.
Last week I finally pulled it out from hibernation & made this….
 Would you like to make one?
You will need a piece of wood.
You can use barnwood, driftwood, or new wood.
If you use new wood & want it to look weathered,
check out this tutorial.
Also, to score a deal on new wood, go to the clearance wood or scrap bin at your local hardware store.
And you will need hooks.
Try to recycle.
Chances are, you have something in your home with hooks that you haven’t used in while or that could use a little face lift.
Not that I would know anything about this:).
Pitiful, right!
For a long time I tried not to ignore this towel rack.
I would layer the boys towels right on top so I wouldn’t see:).

The original plan for my NEW barnwood towel rack
called for new hardware but…..
impatient me wanted it done that day & the closest hardware store was 15 minutes away.
So…..I took a good look at this(above)
and decided to recycle the hooks.
They matched all of the bath fixtures so I thought what the hay,
it was worth a try.
Ta da- not bad for under a $1
 The canvas of my little guys tootsies at the beach is from
Canvas People.
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Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Your towel holder turned out wonderful and what a bargain piece! Great job! I love the towels, too, I have to check out the Threshold line.

    The party sounds fun…I follow some of those blogs!


  2. Being overwhelmed with a 1 1/2 year long redo and just wanting to get rid of the mess when we bought our place, I (gulp) burned PILES of old barn wood. Even after a lady said she’d buy it but didn’t show up when she said she would. When we were done, the barnwood wasn’t the only thing we wish we had kept. Ugh But at least the place is clean. :/ I did bring home some of my dad’s old fence panels though (along with a huge eye roll from my husband) so maybe I can use one of them cuz yours looks like something I could use.

  3. I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing! I just recently discovered your blog & love just about everything you do…getting ready to do major renovations on our home & will be using your family room as inspiration for ours! Oh & just voted btw! Good luck! 🙂

  4. Love the towel holder and under a $1!?! Incredible. I’m also loving the feet in the sand print above it. Adorable. Saw you on the circle of moms, too! Congratulations!!! You have my vote! 😉 Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

  5. Jen,

    First of all I want to say thank you! you see i’ve been looking for new towels.. towels that would coordinate with the brown towels we already have. so thank you for including the name and brand!! Yippee now I know where we are getting our new towels!

    love the towel rack!

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