The Things I Tell Myself & Daily Reminders

Do you ever notice that it is often the little things we tell(remind) ourselves that end up meaning the most.
They are simple & to the point
and  within a split second of reading them we
 I don’t know about you but sometimes I need that.
I need to remind myself from time to time,
 of all the things that “truly” matter in life.
And sometimes I need to be my own cheerleader,
to lift myself up & tell(remind) myself ALL the
beautiful qualities I possess & that “anything” is possible.
Last week as I was painting this canvas for a customer,
I was reminded of why I create things like this in the first place.
At one time “believe you can” was a little reminder that “I” needed to hear.
And I still remind myself of this often.
The minute you say it, feel it & really absorb it,
it can change everything.
I guess that is the amazing power of positive thought:).
 A few months back I was confiding in a friend about a dream I have had ever since I was a little girl.
I was feeling a little unsure of the prospect of it
“actually” happening.
I was feeling insecure.
She simply said “have a little faith.”
Right at that moment I let go, just like that.
I said to myself, if it is meant to be then……it will be.
I know how precious time is & I never want to waste
the time I have with my boys, husband, family & friends.
I want to enjoy it, be in the moment with them
“Be Present.”
On Saturday my husband & 2 boys packed a picnic and headed
for the country.
We ended up at the beach my husband spent every summer as a child.
It was just us, as it was NOT beach weather:).
We planted ourselves right by the waters edge.
We built a sandcastle, dug a hole, played catch, ate lunch,
and took a walk up the coastline.
We collected shells & admired the beautiful architecture.
It is amazing how something so simple could be so wonderful.
 As I get older(turning 40 this July)
I find that facing my fears & achieving small victories
makes me feels alive inside,
so I kindly tell myself to
“Be Brave.”
How about you?
Do you remind yourself of this too?
 We are taught to love others, but how about ourselves?
 In honor of these little reminders,
I am offering a coupon code to my
etsy shop.
Anything & everything is 15% off for the next week.
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PS- Remember the little story I just shared with you above?
Well, it came true.

 Click HERE to see.
I also wanted to take this time
to say thank you ,for all of your generous
encouragement through the year.
Every comment left means so much
I am so grateful
that you take the time to read my posts and
let me into your lives.

Have a beautiful week,


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  1. What an insightful post!
    As mothers I think we tend to self neglect unconsciously sometimes because we are so wrapped up in tending to our families.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great post, Jen! As we get older, I think it is more important to remind ourselves of these things. I love your little tags with these messages. A lot of time I find that attaining what you are hoping for can be done if you take a chance. It can be as easy as asking a question, submitting a resume for a job you might not think you are suited for or just saying “I’d really like to try this”. I’ve been wanting to get a booth in an antique mall for almost a year now. Last week I signed up at a new place and now have a booth! I’m scrambling to fill it, but I really feel excited about it. Oops, almost forgot ~ Congratulations! : )

  3. so true, strong and meaningful. More than anything I would love a link or pdf file for printing off your ‘daily reminders”. so great for all of us to add to our day.

  4. I love your daily reminders. Positive thinking does wonders–even makes you physically healthier. Congrats on your dream come true. Wishing you many more!

  5. Jen, this is amazing. Congratulations for winning the feature. Your post is so important because I never remind myself of this enough. Time is precious. I try really had to keep telling myself to “be present”.

  6. Congratulations on the feature! It is well deserved! I think we all struggle with pursuing our secret dreams! I know I do. Those daily thoughts are just wonderful!

  7. Congrats Jen! That is so awesome! and this is just what I needed to hear! I second guess myself all the time and we need little reminders like these that help us feel like part of something bigger. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Be Present and Be Brave are two things I tell myself all the time. I’ve also taken up a tradition of having a word of the year to focus on learning about myself and life through. My word this year is enlightenment ~ so with each new situation I seek to be enlightened by how it changes me, how I react to it and how others around me are affected by it, etc. Last year’s word was simplicity – and boy did I learn to seek the simple within the complexities of life!

  9. Beautiful post, Jen! Love your sayings … simply, yet such an impact! Congrats to you, too … well deserved!

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