My House Colors & Keeping Them Organized

 Happy Tuesday Friends!
It has been a little busy around here, as my boys are home this week for the holiday.
Lots of commotion & fun.
I always enjoys these weeks as I can get to know my oldest again:).
Quiet mornings, no rushing, lots of laughs & play time and nice conversations.
How about you, do you enjoy when your kids are home?
On to paint….
I have received lots of questions about my interior paint colors lately.
So I thought I would put them ALL in one post with a few tips on keeping them organized.
Paint swatches can make you crazy, am I right?
Often they are small & sometimes don’t give you the “true” color & texture.
To stay organized I decided to paint my own swatches
as I began to choose the colors for my home.
This is also a good tip even before you choose your color.
You can buy paint samples for a few $ and paint these tags for a larger sample.
These became a  great resource as I began to look for furniture, accessories, pillows, etc…..
Remember that folder I was telling you about?
Well, I keep them in there along with my fabric swatches & pictures.
That way I am ready when it is time shop for the house:).
This is a really easy thing to do.
I bought extra large tags from the craft store,
 painted each one & labeled the backs.
And tied with jute, simple.
Labeling each can will help you when you have
to paint over knicks in the wall, nail holes and when people ask you “what is that color?”
I am constantly moving things around my walls,
 so this has been a lifesaver.
Here they are….
And here they are in my rooms….
We all know how your paint color can change throughout the day,
as the sun light changes.
So keep that in mind as you compare the swatches to the rooms.
#1. Half Bath
click here for tour
#2. Family Room
click here for tour
#3. Boys Bath
#4. Jack’s Room

#5. Dining Room
click here for tour

#6. Kitchen
click here for tour

#7. Master Bedroom

#8. Shane’s Room
#9. Painted Furniture & Accents
click here & here  & here for tutorials

What are you painting these days?
Have you found any colors lately that you love?Before I sign off for the day, I wanted to ask you ALL
a huge favor!
My little blog has been nominated for the
Top 25 Home Design Blogs by Circle of Moms,
This blog is one of the smaller blogs that has been nominated so your vote means that much more,
so PLEASE vote:).
Click the circle to vote.

Thank you!

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I hope you have a great week,

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  1. I love all your colours and that’s a great way to organize them – thanks! I write on my paint cans too which room they belong to but as far as the paint chips go – they are just in a baggie in my purse.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing I love the Texas leather. Your home is so beautifully put together, it inspires me to get more things done around here. I hope you have a lovely rest of your week!


  3. Hi Jen, this is a great idea and your color choices are so pretty. My kids are 21 and 24 .. I miss them when they’re gone. Glad you are enjoying family time:)


  4. What a wonderful idea to keep your paint colors organized! I’ve been in love with Duck Egg Blue from ASCP.
    But I have always been obsessed with any tone of white. Have a nice day! ~ Vanessa

  5. Thanks for sharing your paint colors. I have that same Natural in my LR and the room flows right into my kitchen. I wanted a gray in the kitchen and now can see that it can work.

  6. such gorgeous organized lovely! i can only dream of being so resourceful! your palette is so soothing and harmonious…bravo on that too!

    happy easter, jen.


  7. What a creative way to organize your paint colors (might have to borrow that idea)! I love all of the colors you’ve chosen … your house flows beautifully!

  8. This is suuuch a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!We have just begun the painting process in our apartment and just today I was struggling to pick out pillows for our living room! Do you also keep samples of fabric you use?

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love your colour scheme and Restoration Hardware Silver Sage has always been one of my favourite colours. I have medium hardwood floors which came with my house, but seeing your light floors makes me want to stain them lighter! Great ideas, colours and photography!

  10. Thanks for the idea. It’s more complete that what I used to do years ago. I would also carry along carpet fibers taped to a file card. You know how many tans, beige and creams there are out there! I sent the link along to the kids. They are waiting to close on their first house. It needs a LOT of TLC. Have a good day. PS Like the colors.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I’m painting right now and the Valspar Natural you used in your living room caught my eye. I can’t find it on Valspar’s website, however. Do you have any more information about it that might help me look it up? Thank you so much!

        1. I can’t find this natural color either from the living room, did anyone find this? It’s not on the valspar site nor at lowes???

  12. What a great idea for colors. Thank goodness you did this. I am getting ready to paint and I love your colors.!! Thank you:)

  13. For those who are looking for the color of paint Valspar Natural, I wrote to Valspar on FB and they replied: Hi Leah, Thanks for reaching out! We checked with our Valspar Color Strategist for the closest color match available at all of our retailers. You can find it at Lowe’s as Valspar Cobblestones ar418. Or, we are now at Ace Hardware stores nationwide and this color is available there as Valspar Gentle Lamb VR100E. Any other Valspar retailer will carry it as Valspar Pongee Tint 320-1. To find the retailer nearest you, visit Sincerely, Team Valspar

  14. Hi there, I came across your blog last night and became instantly depressed 🙂 in a good way your home is what I dream of its beautiful!!! I wanted to ask you a question (hope that’s okay) your adorable signs in your living room on your mantel (don’t know if they are chalk boards) but I was wondering what color the paint is that you used I am in love with the color.


  15. Hi! I was wondering if you would be willing to share the paint color of your front door? I love it and.have been unable to find something similar! Thank you.

  16. Your colors have inspired me! I haven’t gotten the actual sample yet, but when I look at the swatch of “Sprig of Ivy” it’s looking more beige to me than how it looks in your pictures. Is it a green tone? Thanks!

  17. Hi, I love your home and colors! Thanks for sharing them.
    I’m having a hard time finding the Valspar- Beach (master bedroom color) and Valspar- Rope ( Boys’ Bath) color.
    I thought maybe you might have some further info if someone else had asked.

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