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DIY Suede Ornaments With An Unexpected Ingredient

I love the look of textured ornaments. They add a nice contrast to a Christmas Tree or even layered in a bowl with greens. But how? You can’t wrap velvet, leather, or suede around a ball. That’s when my wheels started turning. I thought there has to be something out there to give it that finish. I knew I could use baking soda with the paint, but I wanted to take it one step further. That’s when it hit me, cinnamon might work. Definitely an unexpected ingredient, that’s for sure!

DIY Suede Ornaments With An Unexpected Ingredient

I know it sounds crazy but just hear me out. I took two shades of caramel, raw sienna, and mild chocolate.

I added the two colors to a plastic to-go top and mixed in baking soda. I painted one coat on the balls, alternating colors. As soon as I put down my brush and while the paint was wet, I sprinkled cinnamon. The paint acts like glue, and it doesn’t come off once it sticks.

DIY Suede Ornaments With An Unexpected Ingredient

Then let them dry. You can tie them with a ribbon or jute, and they’re ready to go.

DIY Suede Ornaments With An Unexpected Ingredient

I love this DIY ornament idea, the suede really makes the tree pop. They are so realistic and will fool everyone, trust me.

DIY Suede Ornaments With An Unexpected Ingredient
DIY Suede Ornaments With An Unexpected Ingredient

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Have a happy day, friend! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Wow! Those ornaments are really pretty! They really do look like suede! Thank you for an unusual new craft.

  2. I have to confess something and Please do not take this in a bad way! I love your blog and usually do a look and leave but do not give comments! I have to tell you every time I see your email notification the first thing I think of is a praying mantis when I see your cf letters.
    So I hope you will laugh with me on my weird way of thinking.
    Have a great day!

    1. Ha, that’s so funny! I never even thought about that until you mentioned it. I have a new logo, might have to replace it. Happy Holidays!

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