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Large Outdoor Planters For Any Budget

Winter is slowly retreating, uncovering the splendid beats of spring. The sweet sounds tickle my ears and the smells tantalize my nose. With this new season brings an eagerness for summer and sometimes I feel like jumping right in. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll take solace in the planning for summer so when it’s here I can enjoy it.

Living in New York the spring weather is unpredictable and many times outside planting doesn’t happen until well after Mother’s Day. So my mind is often preoccupied with other house projects. Well, not this year. I am determined to buy my outdoor planters before they’re sold out. Has that ever happened to you? I have my eye on a front door planter, as well as a pair for a redo of an old favorite DIY. It was from the Lowe’s Spring Makeover I did a while back.

If you are looking for a little summer inspiration take a peek below…

Magnolia Home-House and Home Colonial Black Door and Planter

House and Home

Studio McGee Arched Front Door and Planters

Studio McGee

Studio McGee Front Door

Studio McGee

BHG Front Door

Better Homes and Gardens

House Beautiful Dutch Front Door and Planter

House Beautiful

Below are my top 12 large outdoor planters for any style or budget…

Large Outdoor Planters for Any Budget


DIY Light Poles-Lowes Spring Makeover City Farmhouse

The plan this year is to redo an oldie but goodie, DIY Light Poles. I came up with this idea years ago while working with Lowes on a deserving home makeover. The client needed additional lighting and I didn’t want to hang the string lights from the house. From there the setting the poles in cement, inside a planter was birthed.

DIY Light Poles-Lowes Spring Makeover City Farmhouse

I wanted a way to take the poles out, so I came up with a plan using an unlikely product from the electrical department. Be sure to stay tuned.

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DIY Light Poles-Lowes Spring Makeover City Farmhouse

BTW, what is your favorite front door plant?

Have a happy day friends!

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