You Will Never Guess What I Have Been Up To

Time, there never seemed to be enough of it until now. We have been faced with unprecedented circumstances and most of us have nothing but time. I will admit, the first week I was in denial, the second week completely lost, finding myself caught between binge watching Netflix/Amazon and the news. Somewhere between 2-3 I got bored. Left to my own thoughts, I realized I could take this opportunity to try something new or be immersed in something that a. could take my mind off things and b. challenge me to grow.

Jen O'Brien City Farmhouse

I have only told a handful of people up until now. It was 2 1/2 years ago over Christmas break I decided I was going to write a novel. I had never written one before, only short stories, I also wrote for BHG for 2 years and my blog of course. But what made me think I could just do it, I don’t know. I had a story inside me that I just felt with every fiber of my being compelled to write. Every since I was little I have been crafting stories, not just any story but tales of love. I am a lover of love. Always have been. That is pretty much all I read besides self help books.

Ok, so years ago I started this said book. Spent a month + right out of the gate doing research, engrossed in character development.  I created a layered timeline and rough outline. Then began the hard part, telling the story. A few chapters in I had to switch gears because of blog commitments. And that has been the rhythm of my writing every since, playing ping pong so to speak between the blog and writing this book. I am happy to say I am more than 2/3rds of the way through. I really don’t know where it will go from here but the story called for me to finish it.

City Farmhouse-Parson Writing Desk in White Oak

When I first started researching romance novels a few years ago and realized the word count I almost gave up right there. I think typical is between 60,000-90,000, maybe even more. In my mind I had to approach this in small steps otherwise I would have never been able to get this far. Discipline wise this has been the most challenging thing I have set out to do professionally/creatively. But I believe in this story and if it ever gets published I really think you will feel connected to it as well.

What have you been up to? Are you and your family well? I really would love to hear about whats new in your life!

Have a happy day!


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  1. hey girl- this is so cool! My husband and I live in oklahoma. We are doing good. He is able to work from home-We are thankful for that-. He also does the grocery shopping once a week. I haven’t been in a store in over 2 months. Crazy times. but we have to know that god is in control.

    1. That is so good you are able to keep some bit of normalcy. So true! Stay well, Jen

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