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Modern Hamptons Bedroom + Peek At My Fabric Line

The master bedroom is always the last to get attention, isn’t it?! When we moved into our house it took a long time for our MB to even look remotely presentable. We went slowly and you know what happens when you do that, it feels piecemeal-ed. A few years ago we updated the shades, added new bedding and a headboard, which was a welcomed change. Now I am ready for a new look.

With my impending fabric line on the horizon I thought this was a great time to hit the refresh button on our bedroom. With that I created a mood board that highlights the modern Hamptons aesthetic I am going for. I wanted the furnishing, art and accessories to be neutral, textured and earthy in nature to highlight the color story of my fabrics which are inspired by the coast and living on the east end of Long Island. The patterns are simple so I wanted the rest of the space to also feel cohesive.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces below…

Modern, minimal, but still cozy. The Tessu upholstered bed is covered with a linen-feel polyester fabric blend, lightly stuffed for maximum comfort. Shop Now!

Tessu King Bed

I have a high vs low option with the pendant shade. The low option is out of stock, ugh! I almost had it this weekend but waited too long.

Serena & Lily Headlands Bell Pendant

High-Headlands Bell Pendant

Basket Weave Bamboo Pendant Lamp | World Market

Low-Basket Weave Pendant

One key difference is the size, the low version is slightly smaller but WAY more affordable! Which one do you like better?

Printable Abstract Art. Beach Walk Large wall art, an eye-catching majestic seashore painting. Abstract Seascape Painting with calming black and white tones, hand painted. The painting has been made into a digital file that you can download and print out. None of my artwork is available on the

Beach Walk

not a commode, just a nightstand. but fabulous. anthropologie. $998

Tide Nightstand-only using for the color

Grey/Beige/Greige/Taupe Chips on


Brass Table Lamp

Feather Prints Printable Minimal Art Scandinavian Art | Etsy

Feather Sketch

Large Banana Delilah Tote Basket - v1

Banana Tote Basket

23" x 6.3" Artificial Cactus In Basket Green/Natural - Opalhouse, Multi-Colored

Faux Cactus

Cavallo Linen Sheet Set

Cavallo Duvet


Culla Oak Dresser

Light and breezy. The Level bench’s comfy tufted seat invites ongoing conversation. Shop Now!

Level Brown Bench

Did you happen to see a little peek of my fabrics above in the mood board? We have hit a little snag so I am thinking my launch will be more like end of July, stay tuned! It has been a roller coaster of emotions, the highest of highs, because it got me creating again after the most difficult time in my life. And the lowest of lows, with the snags really weighing on me. Wondering why I began this journey in the first place. But…the ebb and flow of a any journey, especially a creative one is to be expected. Can’t wait to show you more!


Have you noticed any changes around here???? My blog got a whole new look and the logo is finally up. Check out my new HOME PAGE. My web designer cleaned up the look of the site and made it easier (I hope) to find what you are looking for. The search box is up top and the menu bar is simple and easy to navigate. Be sure to check out my updated Home Tour and Shop Our Home.

This post contains affiliate links.

Have an awesome weekend friends!

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  1. Jen! I love this so much, and your new look is beautiful!now i really needto find a way to get this look myself. i would start with selling my mb furniture and go from there. i love, love that bed and lower cost lighter color pendant, and the brass lamp. your colors are right up my alley, too. the only issue i have with exploring your post is that the ads are in the way of looking into each item. i know i can x out the ad but it’s frustrating. on another note though is i know that’s how you get paid is through ads so shoot. love the color of the linen duvet. one thing id love for you to address sometime on a post is explaining why linens are so costly. since this is what you do i bet you can help us see why. thanks and have a great summer, and i hope your kinks are cleared up soon with your new textile company.

    1. Hi Michele! Thank you! I love it too. And just sold some of my MB furniture, its a great place to start. Trying to fix the ad issue so stick with me:). Have a great night! Jen

    2. beautiful inspirations! I LOVE the Tide Nightstand and Would love to purchase these beauties but the link is not functional. would you share where these beauties may be PURCHASED?
      I love your INSPIRATION board! thank you for sharing.

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