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Easy DIY Woven Pendant Light From A Target Basket

Happy Friday! Remember THIS post from a while back when I talked about my love for woven baskets and how I had seen a basket at Target and knew it would make for a perfect pendant light? Well I am finally sharing the details. Let me also say this project is SO easy, anyone can make this. The best part, it makes a really stylish impact with a modern coastal vibe, perfect for this time of year.

If you remember this is the before, very pretty, I just wanted a change.

Ikea Hack Desk & DIY Woven Light From Basket At Target

The after..

This is what you will need for this project….

light kit



1.5″ drill bit

large cup hook

a wall reinforcement

You can find the light kits just about anywhere these days but here are a few I found at Cost Plus…

Silver Light Kit

Jute Rope Light Kit

And here is the basket! It’s actually on sale right now!

Threshold Woven Basket

If you go with a plain cord you can make this for under $35, isn’t that amazing!!! If you go the jute rope option it will cost you about $60, still very good considering the inspiration pieces cost well over $200+.

To recap these were my inspiration for this project below, so I had this in my mind. Then I saw the geometric lines in the basket above I knew it would be perfect.

Amber Interiors


What do you think of mine?

DIY Woven Light Made From A Target Basket


DIY Woven Light Made From A Target Basket


DIY Woven Light Made From A Target Basket  DIY Woven Light Made From A Target Basket

You can turn just about anything into a light these days. As long as you can drill through the top you can create one. Target also had some great tightly woven ones but I loved the lines of mine for some reason. Also check Home Goods, they always have great deals on baskets.


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Here is a trailer for the class…

Have a happy day friends!

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    1. Hi Kathleen! They have 1 in the city and a few in NJ but I just order online. They have great things! They are a west coast store comes east. Happy Saturday! Jen

  1. Honestly your DIY version is much nicer than either of the designer versions! Great eye and creative use of an everyday item. I love using things in unexpected ways and create pieces for my home that no one else has. Thanks for inspiring me to be more creative!

  2. I like your light better than either of the inspiration lights. Great job!

  3. Love the basket – adds a whole new layer of personality to space. May I ask where that desk is from? I Love!!

    1. Thank you Jen, its a DIY. Old shutter door and IKEA bottom:). Have a good night! Jen

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