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Backyard Patio Challenge

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main

Hi there friends! I am so excited to finally share what has had me so busy for the last few weeks! I have partnered with Joss and Main to bring you a patio makeover. Today is stop #7 of #10days10patios, if you are coming from Lucy’s blog, welcome! She did an incredible job with her patio, I wish she lived closer, we could sip some cold drinks and catch up for a while, her backyard is perfect for that now:). Be sure to hop on over to Country Living, they are hosting this amazing group of summer patio tours as well! If you would like to take this makeover tour start to finish you can head over to Ella Claire, our gracious host for this event.

Summer Patio Makeover Tour

If you follow my blog then you know we recently re-did our backyard. Before it was a sad little place that had no function for our family. It took us a few years, 4 to be exact to really be certain about what to do back here because it’s a long, narrow space. After much deliberation we decided on a pea gravel patio and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. We now have a pretty place to entertain, dine and sit by the fire.

Small Backyard Before

Before photographing my backyard it rained for 5 straight days, this was the only day it didn’t rain the entire week but it was cloudy, hopefully you still get the idea of how peaceful this space now feels.

Pea Gravel Patio Makeover With Joss & Main

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main

My goal was to create a dining area that could host more people. I have been in love with look of a true farmhouse table outdoors and when I found this teak table I knew it was the one. This area is small, so this size is perfect and can hold up to 8 people.

Farmhouse Table Outdoors-Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main-Teak Outdoor Farmhouse Table

I should warn you, the table is already out of stock but you can find a comparable one HERE. 

This one is also really pretty, just a little bit smaller with a different finish.
Making this space feel cozy and practical was a must. I divided it up into 3 sections, the dining, kitchen and lounging area. Even though this is a small space 14′ x 28′, it is completely functional and perfect for small gatherings.

Outdoor Farmhouse Table Setting

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main-Allen & Roth Outdoor Sectional 2

Patio Challenge Before & After -Outdoor Bar

Another before…

backyard before

Another view of the after…

Patio Challenge Before & After

Patio Challenge Before & After Outdoor Bar & Sectional

Outdoor Farmhouse Tablescape

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main-DIY Cooler

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main-Lights

Patio Before & After With Joss & Main-Outdoor Beverage Station These DIY light poles make the space feel complete and at night it feels magical. It was such an easy project and I couldn’t imagine the space without them.

Patio Before & After With Joss & Main-Pea Gravel Patio

 Joss & Main Patio Challenge-Outdoor Pillows

Rustic Modern Dining -Outdoor Farmhouse Table Joss & Main

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main-Salad Bowl, Farmhouse Table & Herb Garden

Patio Before & After With Joss & Main-Summer Tablescape

City Farmhouse Patio Challenge

Summer Table -Outdoor Farmhouse Table

Teak Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table With White Chairs Joss & Main

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main-Herbs in Pots

Patio Challenge Before & After With Joss & Main-Indigo Hand Towels 2

Farmhouse Table-Rustic Table & Chairs

Outdoor Backyard Patio Challange -Farmhouse Tablescape

You can find all of the other sources to my backyard HERE.

The first night of making s’mores for the season. I know what you are thinking, they seem deprived right, well this was their 3rd one, so John was making them split it, lol.

Patio With Lights 045

Here is the before and after one more time.

Backyard Makeover After 2

Backyard Patio Before & After

Up tomorrow is the talented Jenna from Jenna Sue Design, you don’t want to miss her makeover, everything she does is so serene and gorgeous.

The full list of patio reveals:


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a beautiful Sunday!

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  1. Jen,
    Love the makeover. Your hedges make the space such a private oasis from neighbors too. I’m sure your family will be spending tons of time out there this summer.

  2. Wow, your patio is incredible, so relaxing, is gravel hard to walk on? Everything needed you thought of, looks so nice, improves look of whole back yard.
    We wanted to do something like that down on our lower yard. Our house is up on small higher elevation area, then rest of yard in back is on lower area. We don’t mind as we have awesome views all over valley
    . Glad for you and family patio turned out so well. Have great week.

    1. Thank you so much! Its actually very smooth to walk on believe it or not. I loved that this project was easy to tackle and budget friendly, go for it:)! Have a nice night! Jen

  3. Love your new patio. I tried to find the table but the link didn’t work. Do you know the name of it on Joss and Main?

  4. Jen, I too tried to find the table. I looked up teak dining table and Elliott dining table after the link did not work and neither of those was right either. The Elliott looked similar but was smaller and pine veneer. Thanks for any help, Alyson

  5. What is your hedge & how were you able to make it look so straight, tall & yet, controlled?

  6. Your space is lovely! We just added lights to our backyard as well. Have you had any problems with yours in bad weather? I’m hoping ours don’t break if there’s a really bad storm.

  7. Jen, I love your backyard! Incredibly beautiful space. This may be a really dumb question, but what do you do when it rains with the furniture / decor?

    1. Hi Val, I cover it with plastic covers:). And the pillows go into storage. Hope this helps, Jen

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