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Allen + Roth Spring Preview-Outdoor Living




Hi friends! I am so excited to finally be sharing more details about my big trip to NYC last November. Lowe’s asked me to be a part of this Friendsgiving Event where they showcased a preview of Allen & Roth’s spring products and hosted an amazing dinner for bloggers, designers and brands. My job was to design an outdoor space and a bathroom using these beautiful new products. Today I am revealing the outdoor space I designed and showing how I created a cozy, comfortable and functional space perfect for summer entertaining.

For me creating an outdoor space that feels like an extension of the indoor living area is important. I want the outdoor space to feel private and cozy, like an oasis. A place you can get away and hide from the world and feel relaxed but also have it be functional when you have friends & family over. I created 2 areas, the seating area with a big, beautiful woven sectional & fire pit and the drink station which is a potting bench I used as a bar. I added privacy screens on either side {the Lowe’s team was so wonderful to make these}, a potted wall feature layered with succulents on one side and a mirror hung on the other. These vertical pieces give height and make it feel like an outdoor room. Other ways you can create this cozy feel is by adding, tropical plants, lanterns, pillows and blankets. Giving any outdoor space a place for serving is ideal and don’t forget to add outdoor light for a touch of whimsy.

Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth Sectional

Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth

Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth Mirror

Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth Potting Bench   Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth Succuent Wall

Here are some more pictures from the evening.

I felt so honored to be a part of this event with Sarah Hummel and Nicole Gibbons. I met them both when I flew to Lowe’s headquarters last winter, they are such talented ladies and sweet as can be.

Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth

Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth

Lowe's Spring Preview-Allen & Roth

I had so much fun with THESE girls roaming NY, we hit the flower market {which was AMAZING} and then spent the afternoon in Central Park. What a blast!


NYC Flower Market

Flower Market NYC

Cemtral Park

Central Park

Here is how you can create a cozy + comfortable outdoor oasis…

Create A Cozy + Comfortable Outdoor Oasis

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In case you missed it, you can see my Spring Makeover with Lowe’s HERE.

Outdoor Living-Spring Makeover by Lowe's

Keep a look out for the Lowe’s Creative Magazine in the spring, my outdoor space from this event is featured. These new Allen & Roth products should also be hitting the stores soon so keep a look out for these as well.

This is a sponsored post by Lowe's, all opinions expressed are my own.

 Have a beautiful day!

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    1. Hi Jan, you can make these from actual gutters if you want to DIY them. They were a last minute purchase from West Elm, I think they make be discontinued. Have a good day! Jen

  1. You said the Lowe’s people made the DIY privacy screens. Is there a way to get the plans so that we can make them at home?

  2. I would also love to see plans for the screens. I live at the beach where we don’t have a whole lot of yard space, we are on top of our neighbors – I would totally build this!!

    1. Hi Karissa, I have had so many ask about the plan for this, let me see what I can do. It is my design but Lowe’s built it. Be in touch, Jen

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