Dining Room Built-Ins

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
The weather in the NE turned out to be beautiful & we enjoyed every minute of it!
It did go by fast though, always so much to do around the house & yard.
We have been in our home a little over a year & there is still so much to get to.
But….. I have the attitude that my boys are only young once so I TRY to balance all the projects I want to do while keeping that in mind.

That brings me to a project that I have been working on for a while(with my very talented brother-in-law) & just completed-my dining room built-ins.

 I thought I would share the photos.
The After
 The Before

 Everything that fills these shelves has meaning.
From the boys silhouettes, to old vintage books from my great aunt,
to our wedding picture, shells collected, the ampersand sign, etc…..
I try
to take my time to collect things that have significance to our family.

See, it is a balancing act.
Jack wants to play.

 He is like “come on mom, lets go blow bubbles:)!”
That look-
I think he had had enough,
me too!
Off to play.
Have a great Monday everyone
 thank you for sharing your time today:)!

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  1. I love how you styled this. The fact that you took time to put thoughtful, meaningful pieces there I think is what makes it work.
    Your little guy is too cute and yes…they are only little once. Hope y’all had fun blowing bubbles.
    I am taking the tour of your house on the side bar so I will be commenting all over the place. Your house is lovely

  2. Hello,
    Your home is so beautiful and inviting. You have done a fab job on it. I wondered how you put the little fabric curtain in your alcove that was behind you in your video? I have an area that needs something like it and I have tons of linen and vintage fabrics so i would love to make something.Didn’t know if you used a tension rod or???
    Thanks so much.

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