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Wood Palette Gilded Sign & Nook

Hi friends! The sun is shining today & it finally feels like spring here so I couldn’t be happier! Thank you ALL who voted for me over at BHG for Top Decorating Blog, I am so appreciative for you support and the time you took out of your day to vote. I did not win but I do feel like a winner for just being nominated and to know how far I have come over the last 3 years.

There has been more progress made on my dining room/kitchen areas and I cant wait to show you more! I do feel torn some days because I have a ton of ideas I hope to make happen and of course want to share them with all of you but the reality  is I am a mom first and foremost. My husband is many wonderful things, handy is NOT one of them, he fully admits this btw.  Most days I am grateful for the challenge because it allows me to grow creatively. But other days I just want to pay someone to do it ALL {big smile}! Do you ever feel that way?

 I love topography and handmade signs, I think it adds such a meaningful touch to any home. My little nook under the stairs is the perfect place for a large sign, so it got me thinking about words I want my family & friends to see when they walk in my front door. And most importantly FEEL when the come in. LOVE was the word that kept repeating over & over in my head. I knew I wanted to more modern feel to the sign so I selected chunky & bold letters. By adding gold gilding to my wood palette frame it gave the perfect blend of rustic & chic I was looking for.

Wood Palette Gilded Sign & Nook

 This is the EASIEST way to make a sign, really!

What you will need for frame:

Paintable mdf cut to size, I like the 1/2″

[tip-ask your home improvement store to cut it]

pieces of palette wood

[you can use new wood as well and stain it a weathered tone]

gorilla glue


roofing nails

what you will need for sign:

white paint

small roller

letters printed from Pic Monkey




paint pen

gold craft paint

Ready to paint mdf

Lets get started.

You will need to paint your wood. I used white, you can choose any color, grays & black work nice too.

I had my palette frame already done but I can walk you through it. The frame was created by simply using 2 longer pieces as is and my husband cut the 2 shorter pieces. He actually used a miter saw box but it was tough, often that wood is solid and hard to cut, an actual table saw would work best.

Once you have your palette pieces measured & cut you can be sure to have your mdf cut correctly. I over lapped the board from behind so the glue had a place to adhere to. My frame size is 40″ x 27″.  Inside measurements are 33″ x 20″, so my mdf was 36″ x 24″.

Paint your mdf & let dry. You may need to touch up later but saves you from having to tape the frame.

Lay your pieces out on top of mdf. Predrill a few holes for the nails. This was mainly to give a rustic touch since the palette boards are usually filled with holes anyways.

 Spread glue, hammer nails, clamp & let dry. Use the gorilla glue sparingly as it does turn into a foam, especially towards the inside frame edge.

You are ready to print your letters. I took a visual with a sheet of computer paper on how large I wanted them. This is trial and error. I would print it 1 letter at a time from Pic Monkey until you get the right size.

Print letters from Pic Monkey + trace the back with pencil or chalk

Once you have them printed them, flip them over & trace the outline with a pencil. Hold up to a window if you can’t see. You can also use chalk if your base color of your board is dark, you always want a contrast so you can see the letters after you trace.

Find the middle and tape them to your board. Take your pen and trace the outline.

Find the middle, tape + trace

Trace the outline with pen

Once you have traced them all you will get a pencil line. Take a gold pen & trace, this is a forgiving way to stay in the lines.

Trace over with marker

      Then take your gold craft paint and paint inside your lines. DIY Gold Gilded Wood Palette Sign  + Nook

DIY Love Sign-Gold Gilded Rustic Chic Art  New Pillows from West Elm, Etsy + HM

Nook Refresh for Spring + Summer

DIY Gold Gilded Wood Palette Sign

Navy pillow from West Elm, Aztec is from HERE and gold is from H& M.


I am over at Better Homes & Gardens today sharing a little coastal inspiration and ways you can use rattan in your home. With summer almost here {I know I am pushing it a little} this is one you don’t want to miss!

A coat of brilliant aqua-blue paint transformed tired rattan chairs BHG

{photo courtesy of BHG}

Have a beautiful week friends!

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  1. I love this Jen (no pun intended!). The hit of gold there is so pretty and I love it mixed with the rustic wood frame. The rattan inspiration at BHG is gorgeous – I love that first image with those blue rattan chairs. I need those in my dining room!

    1. Krista, thank you for your sweet words. You are such an inspiration, love your style! Happy Easter! Jen

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