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DIY Abstract Art-A Coastal Look For Under $30

 Hi friends!

Last week I shared my

DIY Abstract Art & Modern Coastal Tour.

Thank you for all of your kind comments!

I really had so much fun making this original art for above my mantle.

It was incredibly freeing,

to be able to let go of anything I had planned

& just create without any ideas of what it “needed”

to look like.

You ALL should do this, I mean it:).

You will feel liberated.

And the best part, it is easy & so thrifty!!!!

DIY Abstract Art-A Coastal Look For Under $30-City Farmhouse

Here is what you will need…..

1. 2 pieces of wood-

mine were 24″ x 36″ cuts of Aspen MDF.

Any home improvement store will cut it for you,

originally mine where 24″ x 48″.

2. craft paint-

I used Martha Stewart {love her colors},

I selected a color range in an ombre{ish} fashion.

I selected 1-2 of each.

3. Brushes-

a few medium to large foam brushes

4. Other tools-

I used a putty knife & metal carpet paint protector.

5. Base white paint-

can be a latex house paint or craft paint

{I wanted it to look like a canvas}

5. Water spray bottle

6. Iron on veneer-to frame the outer edge.

DIY Abstract Art-Begin With 2 Pieces of MDF {City Farmhouse}

Your Aspen MDF^^^^

DIY Abstract Art- I used Martha Stewart Craft Paint

I picked 6 Martha Stewart colors-

1 or 2 of each.

DIY Abstract Art-take your Martha Stewart paints and run color chunks horizontally  in ombre style {City Farmhouse}

Paint the base white to make it look like a canvas.

Then layer your colors horizontally in an ombre fashion-

lightest to darkest.

I first used foam brushes to apply the paint,

be sure to keep paint moist with spray bottle {use a mister}.

Then take your tools and blend then into each other.

I did a few layers of this until I got to the abstract pattern I liked.

Have fun with this.

This is the best part!

It doesn’t have to be perfect & that is the whole point.

I am kind of tired of perfect anyways, aren’t you:)?

DIY Abstract Art- Heat senstive gluebale veneer to finish the frame of art {City Farmhouse}

This is the veneer.

It is very easy to iron on,

 just be careful & read the directions.

DIY Abstract Art -finish the edges with glueable veneer {City Farmhouse}

I love how it finishes the edges!

DIY Abstract Art & Family Room Coastal Tour {City Farmhouse}

 DIY Abstract Art -Using Soft Blue Tones to Create A Coastal Feel & Focal Point Above Mantle {City Farmhouse} I have a funny story to tell.

My son & I fooled my frugal,{handsome} accountant husband.

When he came home from work I {we}told him I went to a gallery a few towns over & just feel in love with the art.

I {we} told him I just had to have it.

Then I told him I spent a lot of $.

Apparently the KING of teasing doesn’t like to be teased,

so it didn’t last long but it was sure fun while it lasted,


He couldn’t tell, which was AWESOME!!

DIY Abstract Art & Coastal Family Room {City Farmhouse}

Not bad for $30, right?!

 I adore seeing this everyday when I walk downstairs!

DIY Abstract Art-Love the pop of color with all white slipcovers & neutral furnishings

Click HERE to see more of my Modern Coastal Tour.

On another note…..

Inspire Me DIY Challenge

I am kicking off a super fun challenge between now & May 26th with these amazing ladies!

Do you have projects that you have been putting off?


Then join me & my 12 creative friends as we ALL inspire each other to start or finish

what we have not been able to find time to tackle.

This week I am attempting to finish my

Master Bedroom, yay!

What will you be working on?

All you have to do is follow me on INSTAGRAM

{be sure to follow my friends too},

to see all the progress & sneak peaks,

we will be tagging it with #inspiremediy.

When you post your progress & sneak peaks just tag it the same,

that way we can all motivate and inspire one another.

Sounds fun, right?!

On May 26th I will reveal part 1 of my Master Bedroom.

Ok, I better go,

I have so much to do, yikes:)!

Have a beautiful day friends,

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  1. Those are gorgeous Jen I love them and I think it’s hysterical you told your hubby you paid a lot of money at a gallery for them too funny!

    1. Thank you Dria! I know, he actually got really upset at the thought:). It was so fun to tease him, I am usually the one being teased so you can imagine how good it felt, haha!!!
      Have a great day Dria!

  2. I love the artwork you made!! I’m so artistically challenged, however. Would you really suggest this project to someone who cannot look at something and replicate it?

  3. Thanks, Jen! You are so talented, and I keep looking at your beautiful home pics! Whenever I look at abstract art like that in the stores or online, I’m thinking it’s how much? And can I not do that? I’ll give it a try.

  4. What is a metal carpet paint protector and what did you use it for? I love your paintings. I live on the coast and am redoing a family room in those beautiful blue coastal colors. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Pam, It is used to protect your carpet when painting & I used it to blend the paints, any flat tool will do:)! Thank you so much! Jen

  5. Your hubby is an accountant? Oh boy those guys are so money conscious, like you really needed me to tell you that? Love colors in your art. You little rascal, give poor guy an anxiety attack. Great work Picasso, how did you decide how to do that or know how to do that? Very interesting. Love your living room or family room, your style is wonderful.
    I’m still working on my gallery wall by attempting to make some art. I’m also working on getting stuff I took out of a big bottom cupboard put “somewhere”. Hubs is really dragging his heels about taking the cupboard out of kitchen so I can put my new sort of like a buffet/island in where that cupboard was.
    Went thru couple other cupboards yesterday to purge things not needed in them at all. Will be doing a lot of re-positioning many kitchen items. Been in this house for almost 8 yrs. so time to clean cupboards out, do something different. Will be taking out items in upper cupboard, take doors off, paint and put all my bowls on shelves in it, (it says here in small print, lol). Maybe after all this kitchen will get painted also. Hubs isn’t exactly on board about all this but I’m plowing ahead anyway. If he had his way, nothing would ever get fixed up or changed.
    We have a 1998 mfg. home, single wide 16×80 so every room runs into others, l/r in middle then going back is kitchen, mud room, our room and bathroom at end. Front end has hallway, very small bdrm, guest bath, then an even smaller bdrm. I also want to tear out carpet in l/r and our room, it’s that awful cheapy high low stuff, BIG UGH! Want to make this place much better than just a “trailer”. High ambitions huh? Thanks for reading my too long comment. You have so inspired me to get off my butt and get things done. Hope you’re having a great week. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done in your room. Happy days

    1. It all takes time & I try to have patience myself as my husband isn’t handy nor does he want to be. It sounds like you have a good solid plan, enjoy all of your progress, it will all come together beautifully:)!
      And yes, very $ conscious but so much better than me with finances so I think I will keep him, haha!
      Have a blessed weekend,

  6. Love these colors, and this is a simple, but “statement” look without having to spend a fortune, and that is what I am all about! These can be replicated onto canvas instead, I would imagine….I paint, so always have those handy. Was there any special reason you used the wood boards, maybe for size? Just found this on Pinterest, and came straight to your site, here….. I can see I will enjoy it… my styles are very similar. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, ~Lynn

  7. Love the concept..am going to attempt it but need to know where to get the veneer? We bought an ocean front condo in HIGHLAND BEACH (Boca Raton, Fl.)…gutted it and did a total remodel…all white with a teal blue modern kitchen. The view is the ocean and with everything (chalk paint) white, I need a huge colorful art piece above the sofa in blues. Thanks in advance for the info to find veneer.

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