The Easiest DIY Garden Box {No Cutting Needed} & The Inspire Me DIY Challenge

 Happy Memorial Day friends!

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend!

So last week began the

Inspire Me DIY Challenge,

myself & 12 of my creative friends got together to inspire each other & YOU

to tackle projects that either hadn’t been started or maybe needed to be finished.

We shared our progress in Instagram

& tagged them with #inspiremediy.

Did you join in the fun?

All of your projects were amazing, I loved seeing them on IG!!!

Inspire Me DIY Challenge

This challenge really did inspire me,

I got so many things done!!

I worked on finishing my master bedroom


my vegetable & herb garden.

Yay, progress!

I thought I would share how I made my

DIY Garden Box-

it was so easy & the best part,

no cutting involved!!!

The Easiest DIY Garden Box-no cutting needed {City Farmhouse}

 This was the before….

The Easiest DIY Garden Box- The Before {City Farmhouse}

Yikes, what an eye sore.

Our backyard makeover is going to be done in phases.

This DIY Garden Box was #1.

What you will need to make one of your own….

8 lengths of wood

wood screws with bit

compressor drill

a 2 x 2 precut for stakes

large amounts of cardboard

plastic drop cloth

staple gun


peat moss

veggies & herbs

The Easiest DIY Garden Box- Screwing Boards Into Each Other at Ends {City Farmhouse}

The Frame…

After reading many tutorials,

I decided to go with pressure treated wood,

it is no longer made with arsenic but just to be safe I lined & overlapped

 the interior with plastic using a staple gun.

I used 8 lengths of

2″ x 8″ x 8′,

which made a square 8ft x 8ft garden box.

You may not want yours this large.

The trick to keeping this project simple & easy is to use the lengths of wood as they come

& making your box square.

You can do a few 4ft x 4ft boxes

or a 6ft x 6ft.

We just screwed them into each other at each corner.

DIY Garden Box-add a stake to the middle for extra support {City Farmhouse}

We had a 2″ x 2″ x 8′ cut down into 4-22″ pieces {ask the hardware store to cut this for you}

 to use as stakes for extra support in the middle.

DIY Garden Box-add a stake to the middle for extra support & little helpers {City Farmhouse}

Just hammer them in & screw.

My boys helped with this project,

which was so cute to see!

The Easiest DIY Garden Box- Lay cardboard down to kill teh grass {City Farmhouse}

We layered cardboard down to kill the grass.

Soak it for a good hour, then lay the soil on top.

DIY Garden Box & Making it a Family Project {City Farmhouse}

The soil….

this is the labor intense part.

Last week I had 4 yards of soil dropped off,

thinking I was going to fill this bad boy all in the time my little guy was at pre-school.

Boy was I wrong:).

This was a huge job for 1 person.

Do you ever get into a project & just want it done?

That was me, I was determined.

At the end of the day I was so tired & dirty,

but I did it:).

I layered in the peat moss to the soil & mixed together.

When you are ready for your soil just plug in your numbers HERE to get

the amount you need.

DIY Garden Box-Step 2 Fill With Soil & Peet Moss {City Farmhouse}

The fun part….

selecting the veggies & herbs.

I selected plants that we like to eat & use like rosemary, basil, lavender, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant,

squash, etc…

DIY Vegetable Garden {buying herbs & veggies we love to eat}

DIY Veggie & Herb Garden {Planting in rows, tallest plants in the back} City Farmhouse

I kept them in vertical rows varying the spacing with each plant.

DIY Vegetable & Herb Garden-making it a family project {City Farmhouse}

 I had a little helper:).

DIY Driftwood Garden Labels {City Farmhouse}

I wanted a clever way to tag my veggies & herbs.

I have piles of driftwood from our walks on the beach

so I thought they would be perfect.

I love how they turned out!!!

DIY Driftwood Garden Labels- Use white craft pen {City Farmhouse}

I just took a white craft pen & free handed the names.

DIY Driftwood Garden Labels- Thrifty Garden Idea {City Farmhouse}

   DIY Garden Box- 3 simple steps {City Farmhouse}     DIY Vegetable & Herb Garden {using driftwood to label the lavender} City Farmhouse

DIY Vegetable & Herb Garden in 3 easy steps & Driftwood labels {City Farmhouse}

DIY Vegetable & Herb Garden with DIY Driftwood Garden Labels {City Farmhouse}    DIY Veggie Garden Box & a little help watering

DIY Vegetable & Herb Gardeb in 3 easy steps & future pea gravel patio {City Farmhouse}

Having a garden is something I have always enjoyed.

I can’t wait until the backyard is finished,

after 3 + years finally!!!

Stay tuned for more DIY backyard progress:).

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Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Wow! LOVE this. We made some raised beds at our last house but haven’t taking the plunge in this one yet. I’m going to pin this for next year. I also love the idea of driftwood markers. Your guys are so cute! x

  2. That is one fabulous garden!!! My kids have been begging for a garden and we have yet to get to it. I’m hoping next year – we had to clean up our poor yard that had been neglected for years before we moved in!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I know my yard is in need of a makeover, hopefully this is the year:)!

  3. Jen! I love this!!! Totally pinning, this is exactly what I want for our yard too!!! Great DIY project 🙂 and if it didn’t love it already your driftwood markers!!! ACK! Swooning 🙂 XO Happy Memorial Day!

  4. Great job to your whole family! 🙂 What a wonderful project for everyone to help with! Can’t wait to see your vegetables! xo

  5. great job showing the build! great garden, too!
    one issue i have here is the size you made it.
    when you need some herbs from the middle of the planter, you have to climb into it to get it?

  6. Great idea, Jen! We have some tomatoes to grow this year but want to relocate the existing garden. Something like might be the perfect interim solution 🙂

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