How To Build The Easiest Farm Table

Happy Tuesday!

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

My husband & I got up early on Sunday(6ish)

and had coffee on our porch ,cuddled under a blanket watching the sunrise

& just caught up on life.

It may seem crazy to get up that early on a weekend but….

it was so nice to have that time together before the boys woke up,

before our little part of the world woke up.

It was a simple reminder of what porches are intended for.

To sit, talk, catch up, to slow down your pace and just enjoy the MOMENT


the company you are with.

I want MORE time like this:).

So in the spirit of spending more time out there as a family,

I have been making some more changes.

As promised I have another simple,

budget friendly, functional & pretty outdoor/indoor project for you.

City Farmhouse-How to build the easiest farm table

Remember I was telling you about our rather large farmhouse porch?

(which makes up for us hardly having a backyard)

It is the place everyone wants to be because of the views.

Our bay is separated by dunes layered in bleached white sand with beautiful organic coastal vegetation.

I am so grateful to see this everyday.

A MULTI-PURPOSE space is what I was going for…

Then the light bulb went off

(love that, don’t you?)

we  need some kind of table out there.

THIS was my inspiration.

But at $4199.00…

I don’t think so.

I looked EVERYWHERE & because I am kinda picky(yes, true:))

about what I spend large chunks of our budget on.

I decided to make one,

plus it needed to be just the right size.

And the cost- under $30.00


City Farmhouse-How to build the easiest farm table before & afterI am being so honest when I say…


This is what you will need to do….

City Farmhouse Easiest Farm Table1. Find a sturdy table base.

2. Get planks cut to size.

When you decide on size, sketch it then go to your Home Improvement store with your calculator & run your numbers.

For your width you may need to measure the width of different boards to find a good width match for your table.

Ask them to cut your lengths if you can’t or don’t have someone at home to do it.

Make sure ALL boards are straight.


3. Find distressing tools, this will be therapeutic:).

Use tools then sandpaper to give a aged look

4. Vinegar & steel wool stain over top lightly to reveal imperfections.

5. I used Gorilla Glue and long roofing nails to attach to original top,

pre-drilled first.

If you want it more secure, then use wood screws and screw from under original base.

 Easy, right???

City Farmhouse The EASIEST Rustic DIY Farmhouse Table

CF DIY  farmhouse table

 CF fresh flowers

CF farmhouse table with DIY aged boards

CF tips for aging wood

CF Diy Farmhouse Table close shot

CF boxwood in zinc pot

CF diy simple farmhouse table

CF Farm Table Original Top

CF pretty flowers on DIY table

CF rustic bench with vintage picnice baskets

CF new wood made to look weathered

 CF Diy rustic table

 Chairs-Pier 1 from 1st house.

Just sprayed them for a fresh look.

Cost $24.00

City Farmhouse another view

So much left to do,

rugs, accessories, plants, power wash, pillows….

stayed tuned!

On a different note,

I am so excited to FINALLY be on Instagram ,

come check out my photos, hope you will  follow along.

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Have a fantastic week friends,

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    1. Hi there, great question, if you have a table at home, move it around a little to see if any legs or joints are wiggly. If so re-enforce it. make sure it is solid. hope this helps! have a great day, Jen

  1. We want to build a farm table for an outdoor space on the coast so your post is going to be a big help! Where did you find your base? It looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks Jenna, I was looking for something rustic, simple with a coastal feel, just like you:). The base I found at a flea market years ago, it is VERY old. Goes to show how well built things where made then. have a great week & good luck!

  2. Hello!?! Genius!!! This is amazing, Jen…I have been wanting a great table for our back patio and I was trying to come up with a way to get one that was under $100. This is perfect!!! Pinning this and now I’m off to search for the perfect base! 😉 Jesse Scout & Nimble

  3. Jen, I just love love love this table. What a brilliant way to make a fabulous table! Ooooooh… I love the finish on this! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your great table at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  4. Your outside room is looking great, Jen. Love the farmhouse table and the technique you used to age the boards. I think it is wonderful that you guys rolled out of bed early to enjoy some time together.

  5. The table is gorgeous! You need an amazing job! The whole porch is just looking so pretty! You are really going to enjoy yourself this summer hanging out in such a pretty space!
    Quick question….did you do anything to secure the five boards on top to each other, or did you just screw them into the table base? Thinking of building a table myself and just wanted to check.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much, I am excited to spend more time out there:). I only nailed them to the base not to each other. If it looks like the top is going to be much bigger then maybe for extra support use a subfloor(so to speak). Mine is very sturdy, especially with the gorilla glue, love that stuff! I hope this helps Lisa;). Have a wonderful weekend, Jen

        1. I actually spread the glue right on the original base, then nailed away. Good luck Lisa!!Jen

  6. Beautiful Jen! Your porch is coming along fabulously! Thanks so much for coming out to the party – I’ll be featuring this today. Happy Mother’s Day!
    Jenn 🙂

  7. LOVE THE COLOR! I kept a cedar table top outside for the past two winters and let nature gray it up. Fun what you can achieve with simple objects! Anita

    1. It is so true Anita, I love natural patinas:). Enjoy the rest of your week, Jen

  8. Another fabulous job – I could sit out there all day! I would love to feature this on my fb page, if you don`t mind (organically opulent). It goes so well with the interior of your house as well!!


    1. Thanks Cortney! Of course, thank you so much for posting it:). Have a great weekend! Jen

  9. This is a beautiful idea and so like what I had in mind for our porch, and the price is beyond wonderful! I am looking to create a table that is about eight feet long…any suggestions on what kind of table base I would be looking for to do that?

  10. Thank you for posting this—found this on Pinterest–I got a whole table, with beautiful legs, but not a pretty or spacious top, from my next door neighbor and I am going to start making over the top! Lowes, here I come. (In the morning 😉

  11. This is just the advise I was looking for on how to build a farm table. I am gong to do this but use in my dinning room. When you said a sub floor, are you speaking of a piece of wood the width I need for by table and attach it to the org top then add my wood planks? If I need it wider than the org table? Did you let your wood dry out and if so how long?

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