Numbered Stairs

I adore staircases. 
For the 4 plus years that my family and I looked for a home that was one of the first things I would look for(aside from the kitchens & baths of course.)
I LOVE the home we bought
our staircase but it is a little grand.
So I thought it could use a little lift,
 make it seem less serious & more playful.
I have had this idea for a while,
 ever since I caught a glimpse of Sarah’s House on HGTV and fell in love with her numbered staircase.
I wanted the same look but to keep with more of the style of the home I went with number decals.
 These I found online on etsy 


As you can see the boys like it this way.
Now if I could only keep my two year old off the stairs. 
He keeps pointing & counting, it’s actually really cute!

“Sometimes in life it’s not how far you have climbed
 but that you actually took the first step.”
Happy Thursday Everyone!

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  1. they look great!

    Every year on their birthdays you could take the boys picture sitting on the stair that represents their age, that would be SO cute!

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